The Black Communities Education Support Group


The BCESG is an organisation with a 25 year history of working with parents and students from Bristol's Black Communities who are in need of support around the educational needs of the students in their family

The organisation has had a high profile in the community in the past and is presently going through a learning and development phase while the changes in the education system play themselves out before the move to bring the organisation back to the forfront of the struggle for equality of opportunity takes place

Building a support network for young people of Afrikan Origins in and around Bristol

What is BCESG doing right now?

BCESG volunteers are linked with a number of individuals who haev saught us out to support them in their struggles with the education providers

Many of the students we are working with feel that they have been unfairly treated by the schools they attend and that the opportunity to meet their academic potential has been taken away

We are also reviewing the policies and proceedures of the organisation in order to ensure that we will be prepared to deliver the services we offer on a wider scale and with the communications networks that will be needed to ensure we will have the kind of impact that is going to be needed if the changes that will be demanded can be delveired

The plans for 2015 and beyond

[1] To secure the registered support of 200 local people who register as 'friends of BCESG' who will receive information on education issues as they relate to people of Afrikan origins and who can be invited to events and activities at a discount

[2] We will look to recruit a team of 6 volunteers who will be seeking to support the families with who are in dispute with the education system

[3] To develop programmes and activities that will provide ongoing support to children and young people in need of positive activities

[4] To build on existing contacts with communities in Afrika and the Caribbean who are able to benefit from access to technology that has been discarded in the UK but which can be refurbished and offered a new life in institutions in areas of the world where technology is at present not accessible

[5] to offer support to existing and developing supplementary education programmes that focus on young people from Afrikan backgrounds

[6] the organisation of community meetings that will focus on the educational needs of Afrikan children and students of all ages