Badger Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 4

Badger Family,

Thank you for your hard work and spending time impacting our future! What a great week of learning we have had on our campus. We certainly are busy and please know that your commitment to our students is appreciated!

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Coach May

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our very own Coach May last Saturday. We raised over $3,000 for his precious family. The fundraiser was a huge success and the May family was humbled by the support they received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Meal Train for Coach May

Gerianna Jones has invited you to join the Meal Train for Coach Mike May What is a meal train? There are times in our lives when friends and family ask, "What can I do to help out?" The answer is usually to help them with a meal. When many friends give a meal, this is a Meal Train. is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful.

Gerianna Jones's email address is:

To view the Meal Train, receive journal updates, and support your friend click this unique address:


  • Monday (9/28)
    • Fall Pictures/ 6th and 7th Grade History / 8th Media Mania & Health
  • Tuesday (9/29)
    • Football vs. Marsh / 7th @ CTHS / 8th @ Castleberry / 5:30 & 6:30 B, A
    • Christie & Danny @ District Meeting 9 - 10:30
    • Elisha @ District Meeting 3:00
    • Happy Birthday, Trey Brown!
  • Wednesday (9/30)
    • Region Choir Boot Camp – EWMS 3-6 pm
    • Elisha @ District Meeting 2:00
  • Thursday (10/1)
    • Volleyball vs. Marsh @ Marsh / 5:30, 6:30 / B, A
  • Friday (10/2)
    • End of 1st 6 weeks / Early Release @ 12:30
    • 8th Grade Band Night @ CTHS / See Flyer Karri Boyd shared
  • Saturday 10/3)
    • Volleyball Tournament A & B @ Ed Willkie


Check out the amazing things are girl athletes are doing by following our new Girls Athletics Twitter page - @ewmsgrlathl

Ed Willkie's Instructional Focus -

Christie, Danny, and team of teachers came together to study data. We used data provided by a data analyst for our district to create our instructional focus. We discussed our focus during Welcome Back Week but I wanted to mention it again.

Everything will reflect our working document which is our instructional focus - campus improvement plan, RISE presentation, CPAC meetings, etc.

Ed Willkie's Instructional Focus:

After an analysis of campus results, our campus instructional focus will be to close the achievement gap in our economically disadvantaged population and improve our students’ ability to think and write critically across all content areas as evidenced by monitoring and assessing student progress.


  • 10/2 12:30 Early Dismissal / 1st 6 Weeks celebration / See schedule on OneDrive
  • 10/2 1:00 Professional Learning in Library
  • 10/5 CPAC Meeting / Large Conf. Rm. / 3:45
  • 10/5 Grades Due In Computer at 8 am
  • 10/12 Campus Professional Learning / More details to come
  • 10/13 District Professional Learning / More details to come
  • 10/14 Instructional Rounds During Your Conference Period
  • 10/15 Parkview Carnival 4 - 8 pm
  • 10/16 CTHS Homecoming
  • 10/17 Cross Country Meet @ Highland
  • 10/17 PTO Yard Sale @ Ed Willkie


  • Please re-read chapters 1 - 3 (pages 1 - 40) of your Fundamental 5 book for our learning during the afternoon of 10/2. We will spend time working through what we have learned and accomplish with Fundamental 5 so far.
  • If a student loses their planner, please send them to the office to purchase a new one for $5.00.
  • STAAR nuggets need to be completed and uploaded on OneDrive by the Friday before.
  • It is vital that we are ALL following our advisory schedule and ALL teaching our STAAR nuggets with fidelity. If you have a pre-planned absence, please have your STAAR nugget prepared as part of your guest teacher plans. Christie and Kayla have designed a plan for unplanned absences to ensure that all of our students are receiving the same STAAR nuggets.
  • General reminder: It is very important to respond to SPED requests for paperwork by the deadline stated in the email. Please make sure you are staying on top of this so that our SPED teachers and diagnostician can complete the reports they need to prepare for parents and the ARD committee.
  • A confidential list of Economically Disadvantage students is behind Ashley's desk. Please come and take a look at it. It may not be removed from the location but you may make notes as it is imperative that you use this information as part of your data tracking. As you have viewed it, please write your name to the right of the list so that I can verify that all teachers have viewed it.
  • Our custodial staff will now take care of our recycling. Teachers no longer need to put out your recycling bins or bag your recycling. Our custodians will take care of it for us if you just leave it in your classroom/office.
  • On OneDrive you can find an updated copy of our advisory, DEAR, and club connections rotations. You also can find our 6 weeks celebration schedule for Friday, 10/2/15.
  • Please take pictures of the AMAZING things happening in your classrooms and share them with me. I wish I could be in all of your classrooms all of the time but it is impossible. Please send them to me via email or text. I want to share all of the great learning that is taking place here with all of our stakeholders. Please help me share our story so no one else tries to create a story for Ed Willkie!


  • Samantha Bailey - Thank you for an amazing pep rally. Your cheerleaders did a fabulous job!
  • Heather Rush - Thank you for coming in on a day where you had requested and planned to have a guest teacher. We had a job not fill and you were able to help us with this!
  • Katie Munk and Amy Huddleston - Thank you for creating beautiful posters for our Badgers of the Week and Staff on FIRE!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for your continued support of our cheerleaders!
  • Cara Shaffer and Karri Boyd - Thank you for a great pep rally performance!
  • Carl Lorey - Thank you for having your phenomenal choir students sing our National Anthem during our pep rally!
  • Kyle Wheatley - Thank you for announcing our pep rally today!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for seeking money to support our Club Connections from the Meadows Foundation!
  • Karri Boyd - Thank you for designing the awesome new band shirts and for a great pep rally!
  • Jackie Auger, Jen Smith, Juan Hermosillo, Priscilla Green, Kyle Wheatley, Cheryl Bonnick, Carl Lorey, Susan Naizer, Garrett Smith, Brady Blair, Samantha Bailey, Trey Brown, Anthony Valle, Christie Warden, Danny Knowles and Nicole Stevens - Thank you for coming out to our athletic events to support our students by watching them play!
  • Christie Warden - Thank you for your generosity and kindness!
  • Girls Athletics Coaches - Thank you for creating a Twitter for your athletes! We have so much to be proud of.
  • Teachers & Counselors that cover for our guest teachers with LionsQuest - Thank you for taking care of this important character education program so that ALL of our students are hearing the same messages!

Spending time planning with an amazing group of leaders to prepare a learning opportunity with Junior Achievement and TCC for our 7th grade students. Mr. Knowles will share more detailed information about this exciting learning opportunity very soon.

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District Mission

The mission of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District is
to foster a culture of excellence that instills a passion for a lifetime of

continuous achievement in every student.
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