Education in Third World Countries

By: Amarachi Osuji

Education in third world countries is an issue that should not be overlooked. In many poverty stricken communities all around the world children are not reciving the education needed to thrive and be successful. All children should have the opportunity to be well educated.

Why is it important?

The education of all children all around the world is a very important issue because illeteracy not only reduces a child's oppertunity to succeed, but also can cause problems for the child's family and community. I recent studies countries that have a higher percentage of educated students are proven to be more prosperous. Giving a child a good education will provide them with better jobs and a successful future.


- Many times in poverty stricken countries families cannot provide for all of their needs. Without a good education they can not get the jobs they need, therefore they turn to robbery or theft to solve their problems. Providing an education for every child will eliminate this problem resulting in a safer community for individuals in the communities.

- Educating kids helps to provide a knowledge of all different kinds of of sicknesses and how to prevent or cure them. This knowledge can provide better healthcare for the people in the community which can save lives.

Call To Action

You can help be the change in the lifes' of children all around the world. All It takes is to spread the word and give a donation of any amount to help fund schools all around the world. See below to see get more information on this issue...