The Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell had invented the first telephone with Thomas Watson in the late 19th century. The telephones first words were "Mr. Watson, come here, i want to see you".After the first telephone was invented, Thomas Watson invented the candlestick telephone. After that, Almon B. Strowger invented the rotary telephone. then came the Touch-Tone which was invented by the company, AT&T. Valdemar Poulsen had invented the Answering Machine after he Touch-Tone. Soon after that Martin Cooper invented the Motorola DynacTac. Blackberry Limited the company invented the Blackberry after that. Then the iPhone and the Android were released around 2007.After that more kinds of phones were invented and more and more people started buying them. More costumers bought phones because the way the inventors made the product. Now these dayspeople buy phones because of the way they look and the way the products have different things which makes the costumers want to buy them.