Roman Gladiators

Not Victims nor Hero's by: Sam Fleming and Aubrey Seal


-Those who murdered were throw unprotected to wild beasts.

-Some gladiators were not slaves but born-free volunteers.

- Gladiators were trained in special schools called Ludi.

-They were treated as slaves

-The only fight recorded in detail was the one between the 2 best Gladiators.

Why are Gladiators Hero's?

Gladiators are hero's because they did this voluntarliy or forced but they replace other people that are Inisint not be get harmed. The emperor wanted blood so the gladiators were the ones who gave them that so others are spared.

Rome's most Famous Gladiators

Why were Gladiators Victims?

Roman Gladiators were victims because they were either slaves, prisoners of war, or captives forced into going to a school called a Ludi to train to be a gladiator and if you weren't good enough you would be killed and ruin your owners reputation.