By: Tyson Williams

Humanities Final Project

Name of Region

The name of region is Dopelandia. Dopelandia is an island on a peninsula. This island was ounce in contact with the united states from 2013-2016. Dopelandia disable all communications with the united states after former politician Donald Trump became and was elected president for the united states. Dopelandia disaproved of the politician making discions for not just them but the united states.

Relative location

Dopelandia is located 20 miles off the coast of south Africa. With Dopelandia being so far south of South Africa you would think its really hot, acually that's not the case. Since its more closer to Antarctica it reach temperatures of only 88 degrees fehrenheit.

Time period of study

The time period of study is from 2012-3017. The civilization was started by James Williams who was a native born American. He then moved his son Tyson Williams his family and some of the son's other side of the family came as well for a better life. When Jim's son was coming into power he secretly killed his step-mother in the hatred he had for her and how oblivious and blind his father was to how his father had ruined him for his life and would not ever be normal.

Famous landmarks

There are many famous landmarks that are dedicated to the people of Dopelandia, one famous and popular one is mount. Altumdeas, dedicated to The God of the Catholic God, Jesus. This mountain allowed anyone to come to the top of the mountain to praise this God at a church (a place to worship God). Last is the Magna labortory's, this is where the made the most popular inventions and innovations to the world most popular products. In this, Dopelandia made itself popular for this and made it on the top three for most wealthy countries in the world. This mean't that most of the country was not in poverty.

Jobs and responsibilities

Most people in Dopelandia had a job and a responsibility they had to tend to. Most women worked regular jobs like working in a shop,working the magna labortorys,though most of every adult worked in a factory to produce they're product. This goes for the men as well, since Dopelandia made lot of money off of they're products, like real hover boards, gaming consoles, hover cars, and holographic imaging. The children in Dopelandia went to school for a chosen amount of time, but most went to school for 5 months.

Terrain and Environment

Dopelandia's terrain consisted of mountains with trees and grass everywhere , blue clear water,palm trees, and sand. The highest temperature in Dopelandia in the summer is 88 degrees, and in the winter the lowest is 64 degrees.


Dopelandia's government was made up of indirect democracy which meant that people voted for they're ruler.The ruler ruled for 2 years and if reelected he or she would rule for another 2 years. They also had a senate the was made up of ten wise members.


The religion of Dopelandia has a main population of Catholics, but all religions were welcomed. Since they were Catholics that meant they were monotheistic and they were allowed to worship in public.

famous people

There are many great and well known people from Dopelandia, One of them is Jim Williams who founded the country and ruled for 4 years. Then his son Tyson Williams took over and became one of the most well known to people all around. and last is Cornwell, Tyson Willaims son who died in his only 1 year rule.

Traditional clothing

The traditional clothing for people in Dopelandia was modern day clothes, short sleeve shirt, short pants, and socks.

What is it famous for

Dopelandia was famous for its production and selling to other country's and was known for its wealth because of so much that they sold to other countries.