Kilgore ISD Libraries

Volume II Fall 2015




The KMS Library sold $7559.43 in products at the October Book Fair making it one of the highest grossing book fairs that they have ever had. They received $500 in Scholastic dollars and $1505.07 in cash. The money raised from the fair will be used to purchase more books for the library, most likely Ebooks. 6th grade students at KMS did research on different countries and used library resources to find their information. The library also hosted the Veterans day reception this year. Mr. Johnson's 7th grade history class displayed their Native American artifacts in the library for all to see.

KHS Library

We were very busy during the 2nd six week at the KHS Library. We completed our freshman library orientations so now all freshman have been properly informed of the resources and help available at the KHS Library. In addition, we hosted the U.S. Army as they presented to our senior class as well as Telco Credit Union for a career simulation.

On November 10, Mrs. Cole attended a workshop at Region VII on the TexQuest databases. This year, we have access to Britannica Online. This workshop focused on the in-depth features provided by the digital resources, how to promote use, and how to make these resources more easily available to teachers and students. There are many great things provided within these resources for all students but especially special education students and ELL students. Mrs. Cole presented on these resources to the ELL students and has also made sure that Mrs. Haufler and Mr. Jodie Brown are aware of what they have to offer. We hope to see increased use across the district especially as we focus on teaching our students where and how to find accurate and authoritative information. This workshop inspired Mrs. Cole to redesign the digital resource section of the KHS Library website. Please check it out below. We will also be redesigning the digital resource pages of the other campuses soon.

During the week of December 4th, we hosted the Hour of Code at the library and had around 27 students participate in this world wide event to learn more about computer programming. We will be doing a gift card drawing later this week for those participants. On Thursday, December 10, a group of KISD teachers (Stacey Cole, BJ Wood, and Lana Robinson) took 10 students to the Day of Code event at Region VII. At this event, students worked with EV3 Lego robots, mini drones, Spheros, Makey Makeys, and they completed activities from The students that attended had a great time and really enjoyed the activities.

And last but not least Merry Christmas to us because we just got in a huge shipment of new books!

Olaf is visiting the KHS Library

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