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  • Medusa's severed head
  • The Cap of Invisibility
  • His Shield

Character Traits

Courageous because he fights them mightiest creature of the time Medusa.

Smart because hes able to trick his enemies.

Cunning because hes always there at the exact moment when needed.


Parents- Danae and Zeus

Spouse- Andromeda

Siblings-Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes and all of Zeus's other Children


Persistent because he never stops trying to help his people.

Persuasive he stole the eye of the Stygian witches and convinced them to tell him where medusa was at.

Strong Fighter because he killed Medusa no one else was able to do that.


Deceptiveness because he started to steal things

Selfish because he wanted revenge for his mother

Cocky because he walked into the gorgons cave with no cares.

Interesting Facts

He killed Medusa and used her head to save Andromeda.

He got thrown into the sea in a box with his mom because he was foretold about in a prophecy to kill the king.

When Perseus gave Athena the head of Medusa she had put it in the middle of her shield for a great powerful weapon.

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