"Gallafrey's War"

By Cassie Ressler

  1. Once upon a time, on a world called Gallafrey, was full of Timelords and aliens. On one country of Gallafrey was a Timelord, the Greedy King. His country is called Alia. He would say to his queen, "I want to rule all of Gallafrey, not just this country. I will ban everyone who isn't Timelord, and those countries shall be fought." The queen responded, "Timelords, I agree, should rule Gallafrey. But we need all time lord countries as alloy's first."

And so it began. The Greedy King started making alloy's left and right. Soon, a few days before battle, all the Timelords were ready. But so were the others.When they fought in war, all of them died. This war lasted 5 years. The Greedy KIng was the last of his kind. HIs last words were, " You can't be the best if there is no one to beat."