Help panda live !

panda I.D

Name: panda.

size: panda length of 1.5

75-165 kg weigth

Zen: Panda and giant panda are both predators Asian family procyonidae

why is the panda in danger

The pandas are endangered because:

Excision of forests for timber and agriculture industry.

If you run out of bamboo, pandas could starve. Also poaching endangers the pandas.

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animal's description

The pandas are in mountain forests in China.

In winter they descend to the lower and warmer places. Will grow in only one at a time and takes refuge in caves and hollow trees. The pandas live mainly on the ground but can climb trees very well. She became active in the afternoon and at night. 10-12 hours a day spent eating

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But saving the Panda?

Today, China big efforts to increase the number of pandas.

In recent decades the Chinese Government lend pandas to zoos fertility worldwide in order to eat them.

It also, set up nature reserves in order to restore the natural habitat of the pandas.

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