Crown Jewels Business Builder Team

Build your business & climb up the O2 career plan!

January 2014

Happy 2014 Crown Jewels!

2013 was an amazing year and I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be fantastic year for all involved in Origami Owl!

I was so excited to hit Director last month...that I started reading books on how to better our team & grow our O2 businesses. I want to help YOU, my Crown Jewels team climb the O2 career plan too!

Yes, selling the wonderful product line can make you good income...but you can easily add to that by building your O2 business and sharing the opportunity with others! Consider joining our Business Builders Team if you want help making more $$$ in 2014!

*My 2014 goal is to have 5 Crown Jewel ETL's and an have an average of $500,000 in team PV each month.

What is the Business Builders Team?

This may evolve as we go...but it will include goal setting, sharing ideas, recognition and weekly reporting. You will call me every Monday and report how your last week went, and tell me your scheduled Jewelry Bars for the next 3 weeks. No pressure...just a way to be accountable for making the effort to schedule Jewelry Bars.

How to start: Call or email me with your 1st quarter financial goal. Maybe you want to earn enough money for your family to take a vacation to Disney Land for Spring Break, maybe you want to pay your car payment every month, maybe you want to pay off a credit card.

Then we can calculate exactly how many jewelry bars you will need on average to meet that goal.

Example: Goal - Family vacation in March costs $3,000. Time 12 weeks = $250 a week. We know that the average JB has sales of $650 and an average profit for the designer of $265. This is easy will need to host 1 JB per week in order to earn the $3,000 for the vacation. This doesn't count the extra monthly income you can earn off your team. But I want to start with the basics and we will move up to ideas on team building from your jewelry bars once we get started.

There will be prizes!

If you join the business builders team, there will be prizes and recognition when milestones, goals and records are reached! Stay tuned!

What to do now? If you want to join, send me an email with the subject title:

Crown Jewels Business Builders Team

Include your phone number, 1st quarter financial goal, 2014 overall O2 goal, and current career rank.

If you are on Facebook, please "friend" me so I can add you to our special "Business Builders" group online. I am Kelly McKee Kucera on Facebook.

Do this by January 10th to get in on the action right away. This is open to my first 4 levels on the Crown Jewels Team.