Health Benefits to owning a dog

Therapy dogs

What are the health benefits to owning a dog?

Health Benefits

  • Dog owners have found that they have lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer heart attacks

  • Dogs boost your mood- Spending 15-30 minutes with a dogs can make you feel more calm and relaxed

  • Dogs encourage you to exercise more

  • Dogs make you live longer

  • Helps children develop

  • Prevents strokes

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Walking a Dog

A study done in 2000 found that an experimenter walking a dog had three times as many social interactions than when she walked alone. That’s because animals can serve as social facilitators dog can find you friends or long-term relationships.


Dogs understand cancer the reason why they do is because they get the same kind of cancer as humans do. Science daily that due to the similarities in the disease,dogs with cancer can help us to discover things about the disease

Therapy dogs

Heartwarming story of Olie the Therapy Dog

Olie the Therapy Dog

In this video olie comes to hospitals to help make the patients feel better. He also makes them happy, olie sometimes reminds the patients about their dog at home. He helps patients at the hospital feel loved and he gives them comfort

What is a Therapy Dog

A therapy dog is a dog that might be trained to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, and to people with autism.

Therapy dogs are not Service Dogs

There is a difference between the two, Service Dogs can go many more places, such as:

  • Churches
  • Grocery stores
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
A therapy dog does not get the same rights as Service Dog gets.

Therapy Dogs at colleges

Some colleges and universities bring Therapy dogs to help the students de-stress. These campus events are called "Therapy Fluffies"

Many therapy dogs are Golden Retrievers,Labrador Retrievers and many more dogs

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