DiscoverThe ElementsInYourStar!

With The Help Of Stellar Guides.

Stellar Guides? What Are Those?

Stellar Guides help many scientists with discovering the elements in stars so they may find out how they formed. Absorption spectrums are one of the main ways we identify them with the location of colors and black lines in the Stellar Guides. For example Hydrogen with black lines in pacific locations on the guide.

But there's more it can identify elements in lava and more by Continuos Spectrum. But it is different from the Absorption Spectrum, with an element being identified the same way but it can also tell the heat of an object for example if an object gets hotter there would be an increase amount of green, violet, and blue on the spectrum. Oxygen would be identified by the black lines on the 400s, 500s, and 600s.

And for our final preview of this product it's Emission. It identifies gasses by showing thin lines of color which by the length separated by each one shows the type of gas. Neon for example would show colored lines of red, orange, and yellow.

But hey what other reasons should you use it than to be a scientist, then let me show you. It can be used in the classroom to inspire your students, or even for creative projects in the science fair, but theres so many other fun and interesting ways you can use it.

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