Italian Renaissance/Northern


from the late 14th century to the early 15th century

“Renaissance” means “rebirth” in the French language. The Renaissance was a rebirth in many different ways. It began in Northern Italy about 1350 right after the Black Death had ravaged the country, killing from a third to half the population.

The Renaissance was a rebirth in a second sense. It was a rebirth of classical learning and a rediscovery of ancient Rome and Greece.

key people/location/structures

Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael are some of famous artist. It took place mainly in northern Italy. David was a most famous structures. Madonna which is different images of mother Mary.

The main Idea

Religious heroes was what most portrayed or some were great rulers or just the beauty in simplicity.

Extra info!!!!!

The Italian was very effectuated to art. Art was the hope and light of the renaissance era. this time period was very hard to live in many did not live to see their sixtys. There been many deaths while giving birth and there was sickness around every corner due to lack of medication or the right tools. The black pleage was the worst to happen then that is where we get the phrase "God bless you" people thought you might have the pleage and would wish God to bless you.