Computer Parts!

It's important to know what makes your computer work

The Video Card

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What is a Graphic Card?

How it works:

Also called a graphics card. It creates the pictures that you see on the screen. This inputs the images to the computer monitor. The better card, the better graphics in games. It's a must for rendering 3D graphics in particular.

Heat Sink

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What it does:

It is designed to lower the temperature in the system unit. It cools the device so that the computer doesn't overheat. If the computer overheats, the parts could get damaged inside. You would have to buy new components.
What is a Heatsink as Fast As Possible
How To Identify The Components Inside Your Computer


The motherboard is the most important part of the computer because most components are connected to it. Attached to the motherboard, you'll find the CPU, ROM, RAM expansion slots, PCI slots, and USB ports. It also includes controllers for devices like the hard drive, DVD drive, keyboard, and mouse. Basically, the motherboard is what makes everything in your computer work together.
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