Space Travel

You will end up where no one else has before


have you been to mercury ... I didn't think so.

So come along with us it only 77 million km from earth.

You will be able to get to touch it. ERMAGHERD.

We will get very hot so don't wear jeans.

If you are one of those people who care about your hygiene watch the video below.

If you miss your parents also watch the video below.

The Solar System Song
How To Wash Your Hands In Space | Video
Can You Cry In Space? | Video


This moons orbits Jupiter every 3.551181041 days. Whilst visiting this beautiful moon you can gaze apon the biggest planet in our solar system and enjoy the -171 temperature.

you will also be able to walk across it romantic glaciers. although you would die instantly apon arrival it would be a great family holiday taking only 2 and a half years to get there.

The sun

The Sun was born in a vast cloud of gas and dust around 5 billion years ago. Indeed, these vast nebulae are the birth places of all stars. Over a period of many millions of years, this gas and dust began to fall into a common center under the force of its own gravity.

even though you will die apon arrival you will be able to enjoy the solar flares and capture the size of this middle size star.

Funny cats in water, EPIC
Skippy Begging A LOT for a Cookie!!
るんるんるん♪  ボタンインコ