AD project

AD: Shadows of evil trailer

Why Im doing thIs

I was assigned 3 phrases in advertising to work on so I decided to watch an ad involving them.

I will first jot down what the mean and then if the ad had them or not.

Tone: The reflection of an authors attitude toward his or her subject

Transfer: To project positive or negative qualities (praise or blame) of a person, entity, object or value to another in order to make a second more acceptable or to discard it

Transition: Words and phrases that help explain relationships between sentences and allow a reader or writer to move from one idea to another

Ad Black ops 3 zombies Shadows of evil trailer

This commercial displays game play footage of the new C.O.D Zombies map Shadows of Evil trailer.

Tone: The Reflection of the creators attitude in this AD is that its action packed and filled with amazing visuals and amazing new additions to the map.

Transfer: the AD shows our 4 protagonists as amazing 1950s, zombie slaying heroes as they are trying to escape the zombie infested Morg City.

Transition: In the Commercial you hear a certain phrase said by the Shadowman an entity in the game saying "Your sins are an invitation" and later on one of the survivors named Floyd Campbell says "You wanna know why were here? I think we're here because we're bad people" which could possibly mean that they are being punished for their sins. For those who don't know Sins means an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

Characters and Voice Actors

Jack Vincent

Voiced By Neal McDonough
Big image

The Shadowman

Voiced by Robert Picardo


All in all the Shadows of Evil advertisement is a really good trailer and will really engage gamers into playing getting this map.