"The Mark of Athena"- Rick Riordan

By: Haley Gibson

Book Jacket:

While we are sailing the Argo II towards the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, I get this cold feeling like a presence is on the massive warship. At the time, I had just brushed it off as nervousness since my friends and I are Greek and flying into a Roman camp in a huge warship... Little did I know that it would cost the relationship between Rome and Greece dearly.


"Giants?" Annabeth reached for her dagger, which of course wasn't there. "I thought their army was defeated!" "It isn't the giants." Reyna's eyes seethed with rage. "You've betrayed our trust."- Pg. 43. This quote is important because it marks the beginning of a big problem that will only hinder their journey to save the world.

"This time, she saw an empty looking highway cutting between fields of wheat and sunflowers. A mileage marker read: Topeka 32. On the shoulder of the road stood a man in khaki shorts and a purple camp shirt. His face was lost in the shadow of a broad hat, the brim wreathed in leafy vines. He held up a sliver goblet and beckoned to Piper. Somehow she knew he was offering her some sort of gift--a cure, or an antidote."-Pg. 103. This is an important quote because it is where Percy and Jason fight due to old spirits. Also, the guy she saw in her dagger is a god, and he gives them a clue as to how he will help them but not for free. Finally, in Topeka it ends up being a trap for the god.

"No. There's a sort of flashback that happens to me. I haven't had one in a long time, and I've never tried to make one happen on purpose. But I shared one with Frank once, so I thought..."-Pg. 264. This is an important quote because it explains why Hazel always thinks of Leo as this mysterious 'Sammy' character that no one knows except her. Also, it clears up some tension between Leo and Frank.

"Leo glanced back at the helm. He still had a nagging suspicion he'd forgotten something, but Coach Hedge seemed to be doing fine. The sky ahead was clear. There was no sign of trouble."-Pg. 264. This is an important quote because when they get done sharing flashbacks and they come back to the real world, they come to a giant sea monster. It got close to the ship because the suspicion Leo had was that he forgot to switch the ship's system to sonar. Also, Frank, Leo, and Hazel all get knocked into the water and meet these centaur type creatures. They help them along the rest of the way through the ocean, they help Annabeth a little with her quest and give them some information about what's going to happen if they don't hurry up.

"A statue," he said. "A statue of Athena. At least... that's my guess." Piper frowned. "You said you didn't know." "I don't. But the more I think about it... there's only one artifact that could fit the legend." He turned to Annabeth. "I'm sorry. I should have told you everything I've heard, much earlier. But honestly, I was scared. If this legend is true--" "I know," Annabeth said. "I figured it out, Jason. I don't blame you. But if we manage to save the statue, Greek and Romans together... Don't you see? It could heal the rift." "Hold on." Percy made a time-out gesture. "What statue?" Annabeth took back the silver coin and slipped it into her pocket. "The Athena Parthenos," she said."-Pg. 310. This is an important quote because this is when they actually discover what exactly Annabeth is going after, and what none of the other children of Athena could ever get to. She has to recover a huge golden statue of her mother from Rome.

Notice and Note: Aha Moment

When Annabeth found out where the map to the Mark of Athena was hidden. She figured out where it was by reaching her hand into the barrel of a big cannon. Also, when she was looking for the map, she realized that she would need to do this quest on her own without her friends there to help her.

Notice and Note: Contrasts and Contradictions

As the story continued the gods/goddesses were introduced back in and their different persona's were as well. In both Rome and Greece the gods/goddesses were very different while still maintaining the part of them that was always part of the side they started on. For example: Athena started out Greek but the Romans also wanted a wisdom goddess of their own, so they took Athena and renamed her Minerva. The things that are mostly different between them are the way that each side views them and whether they are important in their culture or not.

Notice and Note: Tough Question

Percy had to face the big question of whether to let Annabeth do this alone, or go with her since they had already been apart for about 6 months before then. In the end, after a long walk in Rome and meeting the god of the river Tiber, Tiberinus, and his wife, he decided that it would be ok as long as she promised him that she'd come back.

Dig Deeper:

Some themes that were present in this book are loyalty, bravery, war, romance, friendship, humor, and sadness. These themes were presented through what the characters did for each other, the dialogue, and the different thoughts from each narrator.

The symbolism used in this book were for the Greece's and Rome's gods/goddesses, and the relationships between their people as well. Also, the comparisons and contradictions

about how the gods/goddesses are different in each version of themselves.

Actually, in this book there was a certain order in which the narrators go in. It started out with Annabeth, then Leo, Piper, and finally Percy. If there were different characters narrating the story then I believe that there would not be as much character development involved in the story.

Tic-Tac-Toe: 2c

The characters would be very different if they were actually from Ancient Rome and Greece. Their feud would be deeper, and they would be more hostile. Also, stuff would definitely harder to get done since, Leo probably wouldn't have had the supplies to actually make the ship that they fly on.

Tic-Tac-Toe: 4b

Dear Piper,

Thank you for standing up for me earlier. You know you didn't have to, and I even told you that! You only replied with Are you kidding? You're like the annoying little brother I never had. Of course I'll stick up for you. I really appreciate it since everyone else seemed extremely angry with me yesterday. It was really nice to see a friendly face in the crowd. Well I just wanted to thank you for that... Older sister. I gotta go now! I'm supposed to be driving this ship! Read this when you can please!

Yours Truly,

Leo Valdez

Tic-Tac-Toe: 9a

Leo's POV.

As I'm securing the last rope in place on The Athena Parthenos I hear this ear-splitting scream. I look down hurriedly and my eyes widen in horror at what I see. Just hanging from the edge are two of my best friends, Percy and Annabeth. Before I can think about what I'm doing I jump down onto the crumbling rocks and make my way over to them. I say to Hazel, "Don't worry, just get Nico onto the ship while I get Percy and Annabeth." I silently prayed in my head that my voice sounded more confident than I currently felt. Before she could argue, I took off toward the edge and gently moved Nico out of the way and told him to go with Hazel. Once I saw them safe on the ship I looked over the edge and saw them hanging there with desperation in their eyes. I smile reassuringly at them and say, "Well you all are in a bit of a pickle, aren't you?" I ask as my eyes glint mischievously. Annabeth glares up at me as she yells, "GET US OUT OF HERE!!" I wince at the loud yell and reply, "Alright, alright chill! Are you trying to bring the roof down on top of us?" Silence is my answer and I say, "Thank you! Now I can think!" I study over the edge for a foot hold and when don't find any I frown. I snap my fingers as an idea comes to my head. "Alright this is going to be risky, but its the only plan I've got! You guys ok with that?" Percy replies, "As long as it doesn't end in us falling all the way down to Tartarus, then yeah! We're good!" I smirk and that and say, "Good because we're running out of options anyway!" I look down at my magical trusty tool belt, and sift around in there for a moment. I smile as I feel what I was looking for. I pull out a hatchet and a pocket knife and thank the gods above while I'm at it. "Ok you guys, just be very still ok?" They both nod their affirmative and I smile at them as I start my descent. I get to where Annabeth's feet are and see a thick spider web that is attached from her foot, to a huge boulder hanging in open air underneath us. I glare at it as I cut the attachment as if it has personally offended me. Which is has, since it is currently trying to drag my friends down to Tartarus. As it drops away I can hear someone pulling them up and smile at a job well done. Then I feel something attach to my foot and then I hear a big snap, and it suddenly feels like I had just personally tried to take my foot off of my body. I cry out, partly because I almost fell into the pit, and the other part is all from pain. I look up slightly to see someone leaning over the edge trying to reach my hand, but I know I'm too deep by now. I say up to them, "You can't reach me without falling in yourself and besides that it wouldn't even work because there is a huge boulder connected to my foot!" I realize it is Hazel looking down at me, and as my vision clears up a bit I see tears streaking down her cheeks. I smile reassuringly up at her as she says, "We can get to you Leo! Just reach out!" she stretches her hand out to my once more, and while I know it won't do any good to I reach out anyway... for her sake. Our finger tips brush, and that is as far as I got before my hold started to give way underneath the intense pressure. I make eye contact with Hazel as I say, "Don't worry about me Hazel," I look down again then back up with a playful light in my eyes and say, "I'm the Super Sized McShizzle man! I think if I can handle Narcissus and his nymphs then I can handle Tartarus, so don't you worry your pretty little head about me ok? Oh! And take care of everyone!" By this time she is crying full blown tears, and I can't help but think she knows why I'm doing this... As I thought this my suspicions were confirmed as she says, "Leo... You are not ever going to be the seventh wheel! We wouldn't even be here if it weren't for you! I know that you believe every word that Nemesis said, but its not true. She was trying to get into your head Leo! S-so please... Don't let go..." I see her break down after what she said and I sigh. I say as firmly and confidently as I can, "Hazel, I'll be just fine. I'm fireproof remember? And hey... if you guys make it to the doors of death and I'm not there... Please don't let anyone volunteer to close it. I'll be there alright? Promise me." She looks down at me with sad eyes and I feel one of her tear drops land on my head. She sighs and before she can protest I whisper to her, "I'll miss you guys..." and I let go. I hear her cry out, "LEO!! NO!" and I don't hear anything else because soon, all I know is darkness.

Hazel's POV.

I look down in shock at what just happened. My crush... just fell down to Tartarus. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even look up as I climbed back on the ship because all I felt was numbness spread over my body like an anaconda trying to kill me. And when I look up again I notice I got taken back to the ship with everyone patting each others backs like everything turned out ok... Even though I know that it will never be ok again until we have Leo back, if we get Leo back. After everyone is done they look around and Coach Hedge says, "Hey, where's Valdez?" I start sobbing again as I hear his name and everyone crowds around me to comfort me while sneaking in different questions. I hear a gently voice say, "Hazel. We need you to focus. Do you know what happened to Leo?" I look up with watery eyes as I nod at Piper. She says, "Ok, so... what happened?" I sigh shakily and whisper, "He didn't make it back onto the ship... He fell into Tartarus." Silence is my answer, I frown and carefully explain what happened and how it came to be this way, and by the end of my tale... No eyes are left dry.