Anti Drug Flier

Why its bad

How do they get you to smoke?

They advertise it as the cool thing and if you do it your cool to

What are some of the the poisons in smoking

Acetone– Used in solvents like nail polish remover · Ammonia– Adds flavor and enhances the effect of nicotine. “The process of increasing the impact of nicotine by adding ammonia is called ’free-basing,’ which is similar to the chemical process used to heighten the effects of cocaine.” (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and technology) ·

Benzene– Used as a solvent in fuel and in industry. It’s known to cause cancer in humans and is particularly associated with leukemia. ·

Cadmium– A highly poisonous metal that is also used to make batteries. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, repeated exposure to cadmium, even at relatively low concentrations, may result in kidney damage and an increased risk of cancer of the lungs and of the prostate. ·

Carbon Monoxide– An odorless gas that’s lethal in large doses.

· Formaldehyde– Used to preserve dead bodies, it’s a carcinogen that causes respiratory and gastrointestinal problems.


  • 14.4 million youth are exposed to advertising in retail stores
  • 10.5 million youth are exposed to advertising through the Internet
  • 9.6 million youth are exposed through TV or movies
  • 8 million youth are exposed through newspapers or magazines
  • 66% of U.S. Middle School Students
  • 71% of U.S. High School Students
  • 69% U.S. Middle and High School Students

How to stop addiction

Be positive and don't make smoking your priority and don't let others bring you down.

Think of it at a different angle

My dad use to smoke but then decided to quit when my brother put a stick in his mouth and said "Im like daddy"