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== february 2017 - shakopee technology services ==

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2017-2018 Tech Deployments

The new devices for next year will be in 3rd-5th grade. This is a summary of deployments that includes device refreshes (or new devices as part of grade level transitions).

  • K-2nd: Existing 2:1 iPad deployment in Carts.

  • 3rd-5th: [NEW] 1:1 iPads in gen-ed classroom carts.

  • 6th grade: Continue with iPads; fresh batch.

  • 7th-8th grade: Retain iPad from previous school year.

  • 9th grade: Continue with MacBooks; fresh batch.

  • 10th-12th grade: Retain MacBook from previous school year.
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Smart Notebook 16 (Mac) Legacy version

A recent update to Smart Notebook software (version 16.2; release notes here) removed support for Flash functionality. This resulted in some features such as Groups not working. To address this issue, two versions are now available in Self Service. The Legacy copy will be held at version 16.0; the other (current) copy will continue to be updated to the most current release version. That being said, our current licensing runs through February of next year, after which it is unclear what licensing model Smart will be using and whether we will be able to continue to provide software updates.
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Apple TV Reminders

There are a number of resources for set up and daily use of Apple TV devices:

Website Updates

Our Canvas vs Infinite Campus summary sheet is now available in Spanish, Somali & Russian; visit this page and scroll to the bottom for links to the various versions.
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Apple Classroom App

We have made Apple Classroom available for grades 6-8. Please contact a DLC for assistance in using Apple Classroom and to review best practices. Click for Apple classroom overview and notes.


AirDrop functionality on Apple devices can be very useful, or it can be a disruption if students never receive any training on how to use it properly and to report misuse. Students should note that their device name (which is their actual name) shows up when sharing something through AirDrop, and a simple screen capture will verify if something inappropriate is being shared via AirDrop. This article highlights some useful ways to use AirDrop, and the tech tools site has a video explaining the basics of how it works. We also offer an option through Self Service for building administrators to turn off AirDrop on a specific student device if that student cannot demonstrate responsible use of the feature.
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Printer Updates 2016-2017

The printer replacement cycle for 2016-2017 is basically completed, with 50 of our oldest black and white printers replaced and additional moves made to remove the oldest printers from our fleet.
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Recent Projects


  • Apple TV installations
  • Network Operations Center configured (screenshot shown above; this informational site is only accessible internally, ie., not when your device is off-site). It shows application status (green light is good, red is down, anything else indicates some kind of issue), network traffic, and other network functionality.

On-going or Starting Soon

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8700 tickets created in WebHelpDesk since it went live last January; who will submit our 10,000th ticket?