Humor: Humor is can be either fiction or nonfiction book that is supposed to entertain you. Authors that write Humorous books just want to make you laugh every now and then. These are one of the most popular type of books.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a story based on and its retold in a fun way that is usually not boring.


A story about sombodys lif with lots of details and information.

Science Fiction

The hunger games and divergent is in the category of science fiction.Science fiction is something that has imagination, some things thats are reals, and some things thats are not real is also can have many different settings and and big event that is based off of.


Adventure can be going on a mission or on a quest in adventure you don't know what to expect you encounter so many things. like the book about eva relic is that she haset to compete for a righ there going on an adventure against 11 other people.


You get scared and gives you a jump.


It is a true story and written off of basic knowledge, and it is historical fiction.


Mystery is just like a puzzle, and it's very puzzling crimes most of the time.


Fantasy is fiction which commonly uses magic,fairs,and,un-real things an example is the movie Epic. It has little people who ride hummingbirds and this girl shrinks (turns tiny) in a storm. But fantasy is something’s thats are not real and has something’s that can’t happen.

Realistic fiction

It is a genre that something could happened in real life.

Auto Biography

A Auto Biography is a story about someone's life and they wrote it


It is a love story about two people.