Tutankhamen Times

Fly like a chariot, and sting like a hippo

King Tut's death effects all of Egypt

After King Tut's mysterious death, Egypt falls into tragedy and mourns for the latest pharaoh. His family and many more civilians are looking for his body. The RDA (Royal Detective Agency) are investigating the crime. They think that it might have to do with one of the missing chariots in the kingdom. "I saw King Tutankhamen ride into the desert on a chariot," said Menhateke the farmer. The investigators think it could be a hippo because the trail lead to a busted up chariot, but no pharaoh. Also, his girlfriend said, " My beloved King Tut was going on a hippo hunting expedition". This is just the beginning of an investigation.
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Women protesters swarm the streets

Women are protesting about their lack of education as children. The outrage all started from the quote "Instructing a woman is like having a sack of sand whose side is split open" said Ankhsheshonq. They are threatening to start to burn down boy schools. The threats have closed down the schools today for these injustice acts and for the safety of the children. As child Alkensoten says, "schools out!" The police are trying to hold off the women mob.

New song in Egypt! Going viral!!!

Royals (parody)
One of the commoners named Kikarus (Egyptian) Caparisos made a new song about her life. It is very catchy and you should listen. I did a interview with her yesterday, here is what I found about her.

ADAM-How did you get inspiration for this new viral song?

CAP-From my favorite Period (1) class in the local temple, they are so much fun and very respectful.

Spartacus wins the Egyptian Chariot Racing Olympics........or did he

Some people are claiming that Spartacus cheated the Olympics. Some say they saw him vandalizing the other chariots. This would explain why all other opponent's wheels fell off at the same time. Spartacus has been interrogated and has been banned from the games. The runner up of the chariot racing was Aladalekanium.
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Nubians advance into Egyptian territory

This is a minor threat to Egypt, but we advise all citizens to stay indoors. The Egyptian royal guards are holding the Nubians off so they will not be a threat anymore. The Egyptian Government is complaining and threatening to the Nubian Government.

Chinese traders cross into the border of Egypt carrying aliens such as the Panda.

They have offered us these aliens for the price of their body's weight in gold. They have even of offered a new plant for these animals called bamboo. The Government loves these new animals and plays with them at work everyday.
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Great season for farmers?

The Nile flooded yesterday giving chance for great crop season; but it is flooding a little too much. This may put Egypt into a bad position, the crops may drown. People of Egypt may starve, and the Economy may drop low. "We will just hope for the best", say a local farmer.

Pyramid of Khufu robbed!

Yesterday the Great Pyramid of Khufu started some new remodeling. As the workers opened the passageway to Khufu's tomb, they saw something horrifying. All the precious material such as gold and silver were gone! The Egyptian police are searching all over the country. They think the robbers ran away to a different country, Egypt is contacting other country's to see if they found any evidence of the crime.
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Rising empire to the North-East

To the North, Egyptian scouters spotted immense armies, and a giant kingdom. They call themselves the Babylonians, known for their beauty and their huge city. Any merchants crossing that area, stop by! You might just find something new. Unlike our true gods, they have some petty gods! We are trying to become ally's with them, so don't make a fool of yourself their!

Hot, Hot Weather!

Unfortunately, after crop season, the Egyptian meteorologists predict a huge drought, So store water in your home! Get ready to get dry!


This evening we are going to expect a Dust storm in the middle of Upper Egypt, so cover your windows.