Post 1900

NASA Pioneer Missions

Pioneer 0 - 2

Pioneer 0 was to be the world's first probe to be sent out of the earth atmosphere. The launch on the 17/8/1958 made no accomplishments as the probe blew up 77 seconds after it's launch.

Pioneer 1 made some accomplishment, confirming the existence of the Van Allen belts.

Launched on 8/11/1958, Pioneer 2 was America's third attempt to reach the moon. Despite improvements made to it's booster rockets there was a malfunction causing Pioneer 2 to be stuck in Earth's orbit for 45 seconds before fallig back to earth.

Pioneer 3 - 5

Pioneer 3 was launched on 6/12/1958 carrying instruments to study radiation. Another malfunction caused this probe to burn up in Africa after crashing but this ship managed to discover the outer radiation belt.

Pioneer 4 was lauched on the 3/3/1959 but contact was lost with it 3 days later. This was the first ship to escape earth's atmosphere and in the time they had contact it sent back excellent data on radiation in space.

Launched on 11/3/1960 Pioneer 5 was a test to see if they could carry a digita telemetry system into space his was successful so was used in spaceships to come.

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Pioneer 6 - 8

Pioneer 6 was launched on 16/12/1965 and final contact with it was made 8/12/2000. This ship returned the first data on the sun's atmosphere.

Pioneer 7 was launched on 7/8/1966 and this probe made an amazing scientific contribution; on 20/3/1986 it made significant observations of Hayley's comet.

Pioneer 8 was launched on 13/12/1957. Pioneers 6,7,8, and 9 were the world's first solar monitoring network.

Pioneer 9 - 11

Pioneer 9 was lauched on 8/11/1968. NASA maintained in contact with it until 1983.

Pioneer 10 was launched on 2/3/1972 and managed to make it through the asteroid belt and send NASA hundreds of pictures of Jupiter though on 3/6/1983 it passed Neptune's orbit and went out of our solar system.

Pioneer 11 was launched on 5/4/1973. The ship carried technology to study magnetic fields, the solar wind and the atmospheres and moons of Jupiter and Saturn. On 3/12/1974 the ship caught a flyby of Jupiter and on 1/9/1979 one of Saturn. contact was lost with it on 24/11/1995.

Pioneer 12 & 13

Pioneer 12 was launched on 20/5/1978 and was the first spacecraft to map the surface of Venus.

Pioneer 13 was launched on 8/8/1978 and tracked information on atmosphere of Venus and came back to earth after completing it's mission on 9/12/1978.