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Patriot Elementary School February 2019

A Message From Our Principal

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe the school year is half way over. This has been such an enjoyable year and I appreciate all of the hard work students, teachers, and families have invested so far. Patriot community believes in EVERY child and works to embrace positive learning experiences.

We are looking forward to hosting "Student Led Conferences" and our goal is to have "100%" participation. We have scheduled conferences for the evening of February 12th and during
the day on February 14th. Notices and sign-ups will be sent from your child's classroom teacher. We look forward to having families together in the Patriot community to share student learning.

Please also join us on Tuesday, February 12th for a "Patriot Town Hall" Meeting at 1:00 in the conference room. This time allows parents, staff, and administration to share ideas, review goals, and communicate on how we will continue to make Patriot a strong academic and social/emotional learning environment.

There are many other exciting events occurring at Patriot:

-Kids Heart Challenge with the American Heart Association

-Valentines Parties - 2/13

-PTO Candy Grams for Valentines

-Patriot Book Fair - Open 2/11-2/14

-NAEP - Fourth grade testing on February 27th

-Kindergarten Round Up - February 25, Monday

We would love your help in our school any way possible. Please look at some of the opportunities this month including the helping at the book fair

Thank you for partnering in your child’s education. If you have any thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns, please email or stop by. Remember... "The beautiful thing about education is that no one can take it from you." -BB King


Mrs. Canon, Principal

Patriot Elementary Mission:

“For every student to become a lifelong learner and a confident, productive member of society by providing an engaging, safe, and supportive academic community.”

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Yearbook order forms will go home mid-February with a deadline of March 22, 2019.

Cost of yearbooks are $15 and will be distributed the last week of school.

If you will be moving, we are happy to mail to you with a forwarding address.

If you would like to place an online order, you can do anytime between now and 3/20/19.

Go to:

Yearbook ID Code: 12779119

Wise Words from Patriot Counseling


Long before I discovered the healing benefits of yoga and meditation, I learned about the calming effects of slow, deep breathing. Teaching children the benefits of mindfulness can help them attend in class, regulate emotions, and manage impulses. What is mindfulness? I love this definition of mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

I begin each social skills lesson, with ten minutes of relaxation, calm down breathing, and mindful movements. Helping the students to find calm focus ensures not only that they are ready to learn, but that they can calm down when needed. Last week, at the beginning of a lesson I discovered that the students were having difficulty relaxing and finding focus. One student shared the reason why was that they did not get recess that morning. I had a wonderful aha moment and we took some extra time for breathing. When we were finished, another student said to me “is that why you are so calm?” I found myself smiling, and I wished that my mother was there to hear that about her ADHD daughter. I wished that I had someone to help me calm my mind and body like that when I was a child.

My commitment to students is that they can learn these skills and will carry it with them the rest of their lives. Deep, slow breaths is something that we can always have with us and access as needed.

Some great books to share with your child and help you both develop mindful attitudes are:

o Listening to My Body by Gabi Garcia

o Just Breathe by Mallika Chopra

o Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance

o Breathe like a Bear by Kira Willey

o Good Night Yoga by Mariam Gates

o The Mindful Mantra series of books by Laurie Wright (ex: I Will Try and I Matter)

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others” Gandhi

Holly “The Dog Lady” Niewinski, your school counselor, can be reached at 382-1460.



2/01 PTO Popcorn and Pickle Day

2/1-2/6 Valentine's Grams Sale ends

2/11 PTO meeting

2/11-2/14 Book Fair

2/13 Valentine's Grams Delivered

2/14 NO SCHOOL Parent/Teacher Conferences


2/18 NO SCHOOL--Presidents Day

2/22 Box Tops Deadline


3/1 Read Across America

3/4-3/15 PTO Penny Wars

3/25-3/29 Spring Break

PTO Meeting

Monday, Feb. 11th, 2:45pm

Patriot Elementary School Cafeteria

Meetings will last approximately 45 minutes.

Childcare will be available for school-age students.


**Student Council is made up of classroom representatives. Student Council meets twice per month and are guided by 1st grade teachers Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Borst. Student Council members create a vision through service projects, fundraisers, and spirit days.

BOYS TOWN Education Model at Patriot

We are excited to bring the Boys Town Education Model as a means to address and reinforce student behavior and discipline issues. This Model uses a teaching approach for dealing with behavior, therefore teachers and other staff members will proactively teach social skills on a weekly basis and clearly communicate behavioral expectations throughout the day. Patriot staff reinforce students when they make appropriate academic and behavioral choices and correct their inappropriate actions by teaching replacement behaviors and use natural and logical consequences. Each week students are introduced to a new Boys Town Skill and encouraged daily to work on this skill.


2/4-2/8 Accepting Compliments

2/11-2/13 Making an Apology

2/18-2/22 accepting Criticism

2/25-3/1 Disagreeing Appropriately

From the Nurse's Clinic

How to prevent colds and flu

1. Wash your hands. Colds and virus can be spread by indirect contact, someone sneezes on their hands and then touches a doorknob the next person to touch the doorknob picks up the virus. Wash your hands with plenty of soap and water for at least 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing the ABC song)

2. Teach children to cough or sneeze into their elbow

3. Disinfect common surfaces like counter tops, desks, phone receivers, light switches, remote controls.

4. Drink plenty of water. An adult should drink eight 8‐oz. glasses a day.

5. Stay home if you’re sick

Contact your doctor if your symptoms get worse.

Stephanie Porter RN, BSN

Patriot Elementary/Mountainside Elementary

Peer Conflict, Mean Behavior, and Bullying. What is the Difference?

Fountain Fort Carson District 8 is committed to providing students with a safe school climate.

Talking with our children about these differences is very important in teaching how to handle these situations.

Click on the provided link to read more about the difference between peer conflicts, mean behavior, and bullying behavior.

FFC8 Flier

Student Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures


REMINDER: Please do not drop students off before 7:00 am as Patriot Staff supervision does not monitor until 7:00 am. Morning drop off is NOW IN THE BACK ONLY.

Breakfast students should be dropped off in back as well.

Pick up procedures have not changed.

Students should be picked up at their flag with the oldest sibling. If walking, students exit through the east gate on the black top.

Please ensure that you are following the best practice procedures which can be found on our school website.

We expect all parents to promote safety for our students and community, and be positive role models in our parking lots. Changes to normal routine in child's departure should be communicated to the teacher.

Ever-Changing Colorado Weather

If you have not lived in Colorado very long, you may not be fully aware of the ever-changing weather we have here. We can start off a morning at 30 degrees with frost on the ground, have the sun rise and warm us up to 50 degrees with intense sun so the students can run and play at lunch, and then have a snow storm move in at 2:00 pm.

We encourage all students during the winter to dress in layers and always have jacket, hat and gloves in their backpacks.

In EXTREME weather we will send a message out about Red Flag dismissal process.


The motto our students practice at school is P.A.W.S

The PAWS Pledge is promised each day during morning announcements: "I am a Patriot Lion. I show my pride by using my PAWS--Personal Best, Act Responsibly, Work and Play Safely, Show Respect to All; I am a Patriot Lion let me show you my PAWS! ROAR!!!

--Patriot Elementary School colors: Red, White, Blue

--Patriot Mascot: Lion

Box Tops for Education

PTO is collecting Box Tops ~~~Next Deadline is Feb 22~~~

Box Tops are an easy way for our school to earn FREE money!

PLEASE keep those Box Tops and students can paste or tape to Box Top Sheets. When complete sheets are turned in, students receive a small treat. Please contact the office for more sheets.

Patriot Elementary School

Patriot Elementary School Mission: "For every student to become a lifelong learner and a confident, productive member of society by providing an engaging, safe, supportive, academic community."