George Mason

Founding Father Informative

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George Mason was born in Mason Neck, VA.

George Mason represented Fair Fax County, Virginia


George Mason education came profoundly shaped by the contents of his uncle's 1500- volume library, one-third was about law


George Mason was a Anglican Episcopalian

Slave Issues

He disagreed with slavery because "Slavery was a slow poison, which is daily contaminating the Minds and Morals of our people."

Political Career

He was important in his community because he was in the courthouse and was a delegatge

Political Philosophy

Mason was "widely acknowledged as having the most profound understanding of republican government of any man in Virginia. Madison and Jefferson always deferred to him as their mentor on matters of political theory."

Involvement in the Constitution Convention

George Mason was a statesman, and a delegate for Virginia

Age of the founding father

George Mason was at the near age of 28-30 yr. old when he joined in politics.

What did he do after the Constitution convention

He tried to pass the bill of right but later it was ratified and soon died at the age of 67 yr. old


He was born in 1725 and died in 1792