As pilgrims in search of hope,

we cling to you, Risen Jesus.

We turn our backs on death and open our hearts to you,

for you are life itself.

- Pope Francis -


Welcome to Term 2! I hope everyone had a happy and holy Easter and managed to find an opportunity to relax and spend time with family. We are looking forward to having everyone back on Wednesday!

In the busyness of life and the demands that come from all directions, it can be difficult to be as present as we should be to each other, so the opportunities we can make for this are really important. School holidays are a great opportunity for this! My family and I managed to find a few days to get away over the holidays to recharge and spend some time together, which was great! I hope you managed to find some time as well! With everything going on at the school, I didn't get many of the jobs around the house done that I'd planned, but they can wait!

Our staff had a valuable day facilitated by a member of the CEWA Wellbeing Team on Monday, as we entered into the next part of our wellbeing journey. Working in education is an incredibly demanding job and we are so blessed at St Paul's to have an exceptional team of dedicated staff who give their all for our students and community. As with in all elements of life, we need to ensure we look after our wellbeing to be able to give our best to those around us. This is a very important journey we are on, not only so we can be the best we can be for our students, but also to be able to equip our students with tools in this space to support them in their academic and life journey. We will continue this work and our work on problem solving this term.

There has been a lot happening at the school over the holidays and there are some quick messages below to start the term. We are looking forward to another great term!

Building Project

We have been seeing some action with our building project over the holidays. Following a couple of unexpected issues to resolve when they started excavating, excavation for the footings and lift shaft happened and the concrete for these was poured. The builders are now working on building the lift shaft.

We have posted an update on our website and there are details about the current impact on the school below.

  • The fenced off area has had to be slightly expanded to allow for the current work to be safely carried out behind the fence, away from students. Now that we have access to the grass area, this shouldn't cause too many issues for us.
  • Once the steel arrives, there will need to be a significantly larger area fenced off to allow for the truck and crane to operate safely in an area that students cannot get to while the steel is installed.
  • The side windows in the Year 2 classroom were removed and bricked up.
  • The lift shaft is being build next to the stairs to Year 3 so these students will now access their classroom via the stairs outside the Lookout.

School Parish Mass

Our next school parish Mass is on Sunday 7 May at 9:00am. Our Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students will be involved in the Mass but we encourage everyone to come along. Morning tea will be served in the Barbier Hall after Mass and this is a great way to get our community together.


Our Year 6 candidates will be preparing for and receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation this term. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for this important and significant sacrament.

Mother's Day Breakfast

Our P&F will be putting on our annual Mother's Day breakfast on Friday 12 May at 7:45am. Please put it in your calendar and make every effort to come so we can celebrate our mums together.

On the same day, we have our assembly at 8:50am and our Year 5 class are preparing a presentation for us.

School Photos

Our school photos are coming up this term. Thursday 25 May will be the main day for class photos and the remaining photos will be done on Friday 26 May. More information and order forms will be sent out in the coming weeks.


Mr Pete Merry




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