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This Week: Quick Mandatory Parent Meeting after Assembly

I need to meet with all parents. In order to do this and not schedule an entirely separate time/day, we'll be dismissing kiddos to classes after assembly, but I'd like the parents to remain in there for about 10 minutes. We will keep it brief out of necessity, so that everyone can rejoin their children. Please warn your children and do ask them all to be especially kind and cooperative with their tutors this week so that they can move on into the Foundations day smoothly, even without parents in the room to help.
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We have several upcoming Field Trip opportunities:

  • February 11: Symphony for Wonderful Woodwinds at 10:15. More information and RSVP on the Rallyhood calendar. (Cost: Free except for parking)
  • February 12: National Wild Turkey Federation (Cost: Free) More information on the Rallyhood calendar. No RSVP required, unless I hear back that we all need to arrive at the same time this year (we've been able to come and go on our own in years past).
  • March 4: Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History (Cost $2-$5 donation per person) Awesome opportunity to see and learn about rocks and fossils!! Our tour is at 1:00 unless we have over 30 attending, and then we have a second slot reserved for 3:00. More information and RSVP on the Rallyhood calendar.

Community Calendar

You can access the Calendar here to see what's coming up or to RSVP to upcoming events.

Coming Up Friday 2/26: Memory Master Drill Session

Parents and kiddos who are working to master Cycle 1 (in its entirety or just a subject or two) are invited to meet-up in the Fellowship hall at HCC at 9:30 on Friday February 26. Here's what to expect:

  • Moms who attend will be assigned a subject (bring your Foundations guides or review cards!).
  • Children will be given a "passport" page.
  • Moms will split up into different classrooms and areas.
  • Children will rotate through to available subject stations where moms will ask them 24 weeks of a subject (if a child isn't trying to master all subjects, they can just rotate to the selection of ones they are).
  • We will mark the passports so children can see which weeks they need to continue to work on.
  • If your child (or you) are nervous about "Proofing" for Memory Master, this is a great opportunity to have a trial run to deal with the butterflies.
  • Younger siblings are welcome. They can either hang with mom, accompany a buddy from station to station or grab a passport and proof some on their own.
  • Please arrive by 9:30. We'll have a brief meeting first, but want to get started proofing by 9:45 in order to get everyone through quickly and be done by lunchtime.

Supplemental Resources

Highest Mountains:

  • If you're on CC Connected, there is a file by user "grismar" for making the map and flags you see on the right. I saw that another family used the map, but used balls of playdough to hold up the flags. :-)
Age of Exploration (including Prince Henry the Navigator) video


Please remember to post photos in the "Gallery" on Rallyhood, so we'll have a great selection for our yearbook and end of the year slideshow. You can do this via the web or the Rallyhood app.