Containment of communism

Did containment of communism work?


Communism started around the 1900s the first communist country was the Soviet Union. China became communist after the Soviet Union. Mao zedong was the founder of communism in china.

spread of communism

Communism started from the soviet union to China, Cuba, vietnam, laos and north korea and others, around the 1900s. By the end of the 1900s only 5 communist countries remained.

Communist in china

Containment of communism did work !

Communism in china

Mao zedong created communism in china. Mao zedong was a peasent farmer when he was young he was wealthy enough to go to school. Mao zedong the joined the CCP or china communist party. He then became leader of the red army. During the long march mao zedong and his red army where trying to scape. He lost 93,000 of his 100,000 red army soldiers but he gained support from farmers on the way. The great leap foward was when Mao zedong tried to get the farmers to work on factories but then there wasnt enough food because all the farmers where working in factories. The cultural revolution was when Mao zedong tried to change peoples type of life. There were no classes of society nobody earned more then eachoder causing people to stop working as hard as they did that made the economy go down.