Inventions Post Civil War

By: Elvia Benitez

Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford wanted to build an inexpensive car that would last a lifetime
  • One of America's foremost industrialists, Ford revolutionized assembly-line modes of production for the automobile
  • Ford introduced the Model T in October of 1908
  • Ford became renowned for his revolutionary vision: the manufacture of an inexpensive automobile made by skilled workers

Henry Ford's Automobiles

His Experimented

Ford has experimented with an automobile engine powered by gasoline, while working as an engineer in Detroit, Michigan. He had an idea for a new type of car in 1906. Next year, Ford & Sorenson worked on the Model T, building the car and testing it on rough road.


Henry Ford: Historical Significance

Henry Ford played a very significant role in the history of the U.S. and maybe even the world. Because of Henry Ford we have a method to mass produce cars so that the average man could own one. Before his breakthrough cars were only for the rich and famous, and even then only a few actually had them.