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Library Newsletter- December 2015

I hope you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy time away from school with your loved ones! I have a lot of fun things planned for the end of this semester and the beginning of next semester!

Bluebonnet Books

Bluebonnet book season will be over before you know it! Voting will take place for 3rd-5th grade on Tuesday, January 26th. Therefore, all books must be logged in and recorded on their tracking sheet by the end of the day on Monday, January 25th. Remember, students only have to read 5 books in order to be eligible to vote!

Read and Relax Week!

Kindergarten-3rd grade:

Starting in January, once a month we will have a "Read and Relax" week in which students will use their whole library time to browse books and read what they have checked out. Our first week will be the week of January 18th. I hope the students enjoy their extra reading time!

Research Unit

The research unit is rapidly approaching for some grade levels. If you would like me to help plan, help teach your students about the research process, do a lesson about TexQuest, pull materials, or if you'd simply just like to use the library space, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or stop by and visit!
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Coming Up...

Pre-K: Practice checking out and book care

Kinder: Poetry, Christmas/Winter read alouds

1st grade: Fictional story elements, Christmas/Winter read alouds

2nd grade: Poetry, Christmas/Winter read alouds

3rd: Winter holidays mini-research project

4th: Author's purpose, Makerspace preview

5th: Nonfiction practice

6th: Nonfiction practice