Celebration In Vacation


Recipe for a perfect vacation


  1. Cash Teaspoon
  2. Glass of phone number
  3. A car
  4. Kilo desire
  5. 4 cups of joy
  6. Tablespoon sugar


Call the number 098663232

Prepare blend of joy and will

Driving a car with a blend

Pay cash

Finally add a tablespoon of sugar for sweetest vacation of all

Information of Neurim

The village is located on a cliff named "sea cliffs", one of the most

beautiful beaches in the country, in the of West Emek Hefer.

There you can enjoy a pampering experience of quiet or

active vacation, full board and lots of gourmet meals.

Entertainment is the highlight of neurim, there is no dull moment! The village is full of attractions for all the family.

Among other things the village's entertainment team offers activities throughout the days and nights each holiday crowd, especially children stage performances, game shows, inflatables, slides foam, and more ...

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