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Linda King 1st grade JCMES


All forms and money for our field trip are due FRIDAY, Oct 13!! If you have not yet turned in your child's form and money ($7), PLEASE drop it off at school before 4:00. We have administrative requirements to ensure that we have lunches and a check for the Safari Park. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to come along. Your help is essential in making this a great experience for all!

October is Unity Month

There's only one YOU!

The theme at JCM this year is focused on celebrating students as unique individuals. Each person is a unique creation and deserves to be respected and valued. Check out the story below:

Unified Basketball

Going along with the theme that we value individuals, we will be having an assembly at the end of the month with the Unified Basketball League of RCPS. This is a team of students with developmental disabilities who will play against some staff members. I would like for our class to make a sign (or 2) to cheer for specific players. If you have a connection to any of the students who are on the unified team, please let me know, so that we can cheer for them individually.