It is required that an aquarist have a bachelor’s degree to get hired into the position. It is preferred that the degree be in either environmental engineering, biology, science, or veterinary science, though this is not necessarily a requirement. The educational requirement is the most important aspect at the beginning, but beyond that experience will become important.

Median Salary

$51,500 per year
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Aquarists have a wide variety of duties centered on providing care for marine creatures and maintaining a quality environment for these animals to live in.

Primary duties for an aquarist include monitoring water quality and temperature, cleaning tanks, repairing equipment, designing exhibits, giving educational presentations to visitors, observing animal behavior, providing behavioral enrichment activities, and preparing and distributing food. Some positions may also involve restraining animals for veterinary treatments, capturing and quarantining sick animals, or breeding replacement stock for the aquarium.

Cities to live in

Living by big cities that have maritime access might be easier to finding a job as an aquarist.