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Principal's Message

In the blink of an eye we have passed through the month of October! It was very heartwarming to hear the students talk about the people and things that they are thankful for in our celebrations of Thanksgiving. Then we got to the excitement of Halloween! Discussion about costumes started long before our Halloween parade and celebrations. The students were so proud to wear their costumes and see everyone else dress up. We were very fortunate to have Gabby and Justin, our Peace Officers, come in to talk about Halloween safety with all of our classes. She quite enjoyed their enthusiasm about Halloween!

Parent teacher interviews were a highlight this month. We all love to celebrate your child’s learning with you. Teachers are continually assessing their students’ learning and I love watching how they creatively engage their students in their work.

We also continue to make progress on our commitment to building a culture of safety and care at VPE. Over the last few weeks have focused on two particular areas;

  • Our staff have worked hard together to build stronger support plans in regards to positive student behaviour. Benefitting both individual students and the class as a whole, we have seen immediate, positive results as the re-examination of our student support plans come together

  • Classes have continued to use circle meetings from restorative practices to help each child have a voice in how they are feeling or what they are thinking. Some of the discussions have been: “Why do we have rules in games?”; “How do you feel when someone doesn’t follow the rules?”; “How do you feel if someone is in your space?” and “What could you do/say if someone is in your space?” During these discussions, our students often discover that others feel the same way that they do or, if opinions differ, they are able to listen and respect why they differ.

As November comes upon us, it sounds like maybe some colder weather will too. That means lots of hats, mittens and even possibly snow pants! Please help us out by labeling all of your child’s belongings. Also keep in mind that the bell rings at 8:35 so please don’t send your child too early.

The next school council meeting will be held on November 9. This is a great opportunity to come see how parents can work together with the school in various ways as a team. Attending school council meetings, and reaching out to your child’s teacher directly, will allow you to be more involved in your child’s education. I look forward to seeing you there!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or your child’s teacher, with any questions or concerns.

Take care and stay safe,

Heather Bianchini

Acting Principal

Kindergarten Beesness

October 1st, started us off with the Terry Fox Run at the CCHS track. The children did a lot of laps. We tried to keep track but we quickly lost count. It has been such a beautiful fall, we have spent many of our P.E. classes outside, running, playing gaga ball and enjoying the big playground.

October read alouds have included lots of Thanksgiving, Fall and Halloween stories. We read a book called The Best Part of Me and then we made our own Best Part of Me book. We have been busy counting words in sentences, counting syllables in words and we are getting very good at identifying beginning sounds of words.

Echo drawing and printing on our little white boards is strengthening our fingers and helping us work on spatial awareness. Near the beginning of the month we made turkeys and Thankful pie crafts. Last week Halloween crafts and art projects were enjoyed, especially Mrs. Helland’s sprinkles!

Everyday we count how many days till Halloween. There have been many conversations overheard about costumes and we had so much fun hunting for the paper pumpkins that Mrs. Dawson’s class hid for us.

Here are a few comments about Halloween from some of the students.

Q. What is the best part of Halloween?

Dressing up and going trick or treating. -Brodie

Candy -Raistlin

Dressing up, trick or treating and eating the candy after your mom and dad sort it. -Cordelia

I like trick or treating, candy and dressing up. -Gunnar

Q. What is the spookiest thing?

Other people’s costumes from real life and games.- Brodie

My costume and other people’s costumes. -Raistlin

The dark, creepy vampire and skeleton costumes. -Cordelia

Decorations, people’s costumes and scary movies. -Gunnar

Q. What is favourite treat?

Kit Kat -Brodie

Ring Pop -Raistlin

Kit Kat -Cordelia

Ring Pop - Gunnar

What's New in Grade 1/2?

Another month has gone by, and we continue to learn and grow every day in grades one and two! We have had an amazing month together; the students wow us every day by how much they are learning and how hard they work. We are very proud of their progress thus far and can’t wait to see what the next month has in store!

In writing, students have been enjoying building words, sounding out words, and writing sentences. We have been working on appropriate spacing and using punctuation at the end of our sentences.

In reading, we continue to read picture books as a class and independently. Students also get some time to read with a buddy, where they practice pointing at the words and stretching them as they read. Additionally, students rotate through and have some time to read one on one with their teachers.

In math, we are now working on counting skills. We began by counting forwards by 1’s, grade one’s working on 1-20, and grade two’s 1-100! Students are working hard and doing well, so we are now working on counting backward.

In Social, students have been talking about community and identifying different groups that make up a community.

During gym class, students have had fun working on volleyball skills with balloons, including bumping and volleying with a partner. Additionally, students have been playing a variety of cooperative games.

During Health, we have been focusing on controlling anger and responding appropriately. Students have learned the turtle technique, discussed different situations where it is appropriate to use this technique, and listened to stories about kids just like themselves who use different cool-down strategies.

We are still looking forward to our Halloween assembly at the end of this month, where we will get to see all the students show off their Halloween costumes! In November, we will remember the soldiers that fought for our freedoms, and we will be learning, reading, and taking part in discussions surrounding Remembrance Day.

Grade 3 Update

The month of October has really flown by in grade 3. We have settled into the daily routines of our class. The character theme this month at VPE was self-control. Grade 3’s have been learning how to show good self-control and have demonstrated self control in many ways. One strategy we are using is to Stop, Think, Breathe and Make the Right Choice.

Sports theme day. Pizza party.

In math we have learned to count to 1000, starting at different numbers and using skip counting. We even counted to 1000 by 1’s; it took 23 minutes! We have also been working on a unit on place value and are able to represent numbers in written form and with manipulatives. We really enjoy the math activities and games in class.

In writing Mrs. Thompson has encouraged us to write true stories. We have learned how to write longer stories by telling our tales bit by bit and adding detail. We couldn’t believe that we were able to write 2 stories in 2 days!

We are loving the rock unit we are working on in science. We looked at different characteristics of minerals and did some experiments to identify different types of rocks. We even know how to tell real gold from fool’s gold! We also really enjoyed looking at fossils and making a mould of a fossil.

We have many things we are proud of this month. Here are some of them:

-made lots of new friends.

-can count by 3’s.

- we worked together to earn pizza for having the cleanest class.

- can count to 1000 now.

- I wrote 2 stories in 2 days!

-I can jump a skipping rope in many different ways.

-I am proud I am writing longer stories.

We are really looking forward to ending the month with Halloween activities and can’t wait to see what we will be doing in November.

Grade 4/5 News

Science 4/5

By Lincoln and Leah

In science we have started with weather. First we learned about the water cycle. Evaporation, condensation, and precipitation are the parts we learned of the water cycle. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail are the different types of precipitation. We are learning about clouds. Some of the clouds that we have learned about are stratus, cumulus, cirrus, and nimbus. The different types of clouds are neat to see up in the sky and doing this topic made it a lot easier to know and understand why clouds are formed and to look up in the sky and see what kind of weather is going to happen that day. Now our class doesn't have to wonder what is going to happen, they just have to go up into the sky. Wind is another project that we did in science and we learned about chinooks and how wind is made. Wind is made by little cold particles rushing to get warm by any chance they get making and really fast rushing wind.


By Lincoln and Leah

In Mrs. Beagle’s class her grade 4/5 students started the year off with volleyball for their first gym unit. We learned all of the proper skills and how to do them such as setting, bumping, and serving. We played half court games throughout the unit. At the end of our unit, we had an awesome volleyball tournament in which we were prepared for because of all the skills Mrs. Beagle had taught us. For our second unit, we started basketball and to start off the unit, we learned how to dribble and played games to help with our basketball skills. We learned how to use our arm bar. We also had a relay race to help us keep the ball in control while dribbling and running at the same time.


By Emery Fulton and Cheyanne McCreadie

In math we started with big numbers up to a million and then we started learning about decimals up to the thousandths. We've been learning a lot from Mrs. Beagle. We've learned rounding decimals and now we are just starting to add numbers up to the hundreds and Grade 5 students get to add decimal numbers. We even did estimating with candy corn pictures. Estimating helps with addition because you can estimate what the number is closer to so then it helps with the answer. This is the best math ever!


By Emery Fulton and Cheyanne MCcreadie

For Halloween we will finally be doing the fashion show catwalk! The classes will be going separately for when we walk this year because of Covid rules. If you don't have a costume and you don't want to do the catwalk then you don't have to do it, and make sure to bring food bank items for people who need it the most. If you want you can also wear your brilliant Halloween costumes, but make sure there is no violence or weapons. This is what most people have been waiting for this year, the Halloween party! Are you excited for Halloween? Because we are!

Grade 6 Scoop

Grade 6 Art!

By: Ashley Lee

Tuesday, October 26,2021

Are you wondering what the grade 6s are doing in art?

One of the things the grade 6s are doing is an owl. How to do this is to draw an owl first with pencil and color the owl with a chalk pastel. Then the students would smudge it and then you can color that background.

Kaelyn, a grade 6 girl, quotes “The art was really fun to make.”

Social Fun

How well do you know Canada?

In Grade 6 we have been focusing on the geography of the cordillera region over the last few weeks. The cordillera region includes most of BC, some of Alberta and Yukon. It is made up largely of mountains. We learned about the landforms, vegetation, climate and more. The class even wrapped up with some tasty food such as smoked salmon and 'cordillera cupcakes'. Next we are learning all about the interior plains which is where we live in Alberta. Kyla, a Grade 6 student, stated "The cupcakes were awesome."

The students are excited to explore more of Canada!

Soccer/Volleyball At VPE School!

By:Laine Gorzitza


You might have seen competitive volleyball or competitive soccer before.

But here at VPE we play for fun! Hello I am Laine, a grade 6 student.

I grew up playing soccer and still play it because of the excitement of this game. On October 21st, Grade 4-6 students participated in a tournament for fun. There were 7 teams with students that usually like playing sports. These students were really skilled players with lots and lots of experience. And there were prizes for good sportsmanship, not for winning. This event started at 1:40PM to 3:15PM. The only reason this could've happened is because staff and students and school council for the equipment. These games were completely fair because they had at least one Grade 6 on their team.

Grace Ramer, a grade 6 student, quoted ¨It was fun but my shoulder hurt afterwards. Laine Gorzitza, a grade 6 student quoted “Even though I lost mostly all the games I still had fun!¨ Finally, Grade 6, Kyla Mears said ¨If you don't succeed the first time try again

Overall it was fun for all!

The Pumpkin Hunt

By Kaelyn

It is finally October and that means Halloween is nearly here. The whole school was doing a fun pumpkin hunt!

Mrs. Dawson printed out paper pumpkins for all the Grade 6s to hide them all around. They cut them out and then put each person’s name on one.

Starting on October 18th, the Grade 6s hide them for all the grades, who all did a lot of searching around. So what is the pumpkin hunt? The pumpkin hunt is when all the Grade 6s hid a lot of thin cutouts of a pumpkin piece of paper in classrooms and on the playground. When searching, if you found yours you could grab it and give it to your teacher and get a prize. If it wasn’t yours, you left it and didn’t tell where it was, until the end when we gave some hints.

Amelia, a Grade 6 student, said “That pumpkin hunting was good because we could see all the kids’ smiling faces, even under the mask!”

It was really fun to see all the little kids and older ones find them all, even if it was hard to spot them.

Book Fair

The Book Fair was a great success again this year! We generated just over $3900 in sales which means that we earned $2248 worth of rewards for our library and sent about 250 books into to homes of students! Thank you for supporting our book fair and a big thank you to all of our volunteers!
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