Watauga Weekly

January 4-8, 2016


Monday, Jan 4

Welcome Back!

Tuesday, Jan 5

7th Girls Basketball vs. Harwood @ Harwood Jr.

7th Boys Basketball vs. Harwood @ WMS

Wednesday, Jan 6

LOL Mtg. 7:30 am

Faculty/Gr. Level Mtg. 4:00 pm

Thursday, Jan 7

8th Girls Basketball vs. Harwood @ WMS

8th Boys Basketball vs. Harwood @ Harwood Jr.

Friday, Jan 8

Select Art Field Trip 9:30-1:30 pm

Where to Park? Where to Park? In another place. OH What Fun!!!

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Faculty parking lot:

In an effort to assist the ease of constructing the new Science addition, Admin needs your help. Please DO NOT park in the spots in the most Eastern part of the parking lot. All spots to the right of Ms. Ross's spot, will be inaccessible when we return from Christmas Vacation on January 4, 2016. You have been forewarned. Be prepared!

TWEETER of the Week:

Thank you to Heather Raynsford for her participation in this week's district Twitter Chat.

You can join each Tuesday at 8:00pm. Questions can be found in the Digital Learning News sent by Mark Thomas each week.

Questions? See Tosh or Christine. (@birdville_DL)


(Don't forget to send Ms. Houston your Twitter handle when you join.)

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Auditorium am - Welborn

Cafeteria am - Willoughby

200 Hall am - Taylor

300 Hall am - Zitzman

Warrior Way pm - Wilson

Parking pm - Zamora

word WITHIN a word

cede (go) recede, precede, antecedent, proceed, secede

miss (send) dismiss, remiss, missile, admission, missionary

centri (center) centrifugal, centripetal, centrist, concentric

biblio (book) bibliography, bibliophile, bible, bibliomania

anthropo (man) anthropology, anthropomorphic, anthropoid

homo (same) homogenize, homonym, homophone

spec (look) spectacles, specter, specious, spectrum, respect

duct (lead) conduct, ductile, induct, product, reduction

fer (carry) transfer, infer, refer, defer, conifer, Lucifer, aquifer

pend (hang) pending, pendulum, pendant, impending, depend

“Good teachers are those who remember being a student.” ~~~A.C. Grayling

The Qualities of a Good Teacher

n this Chronicle of Higher Education article, A.C. Grayling (New College of the Humanities, London) says there are two ways that ineffective teachers can harm students: putting them off a subject and undermining their confidence and self-belief. “Good teachers do exactly the opposite of these things,” says Grayling, “and as a result inspire, guide, and give their students a broader sense of life’s possibilities… the desire to know more, understand more, achieve greater insight.” He lists several qualities that the best teachers possess:

- Enthusiasm – Students often catch this in their classrooms.

- Charisma – Teachers can be Pied Pipers for their subject.

- A capacity to clarify and make sense – This quality illuminates any subject.

- Humor – It lightens the hard work students need to do.

- Kindness – A teacher’s power is enhanced when there’s a human connection.

- A genuine interest in students’ progress – This involves constantly checking for understanding and responding accordingly.

Good teachers have these qualities in varying proportions, and the net effect is that students begin to teach themselves. “And that, paradoxical as it may seem, is the best outcome of good teaching,” says Grayling. “Independence of endeavor, and soon therefore of mind, should be one of the fundamental aims of education.”

Some novice teachers worry that if they show humor, kindness, and interest, they’ll come across as weak. But Grayling says there’s “no inconsistency in being both kind and firm, humorous although not prepared to tolerate messing about, and interested without being partial. It is a matter of operational tact and good timing.”

“Good teachers are those who remember being a student,” he concludes. “They hear themselves as their students hear them. They know which aspects of their subject might present a difficulty, which require to be grasped before which, and what their best students will be keen to know, and why… Students’ questions and doubts compel one to think and rethink, often prompting one to see things that had not been noticed before. For this reason it is never boring to teach the same subject repeatedly.”

“What Makes a Good Teacher?” by A.C. Grayling in The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 11, 2015 (Vol. LXII, #15, p. B4-B5), e-link for subscribers only

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Wed, Jan 13 - AVID Site Team Mtg. 7:50 am

Thurs, Jan 14 - Scoliosis Screening through PE classes

Thurs, Jan 14 - All Day ARDS

Fri, Jan 15 - Activity Night 4:00-6:00 pm

Mon, Jan 18 - Flex Day

Wed, Jan 20 - GT Testing in Library & Labs

Fri, Jan 22 - Fine Arts Recruitment (5th graders) 9:00-11:00 am

Tues, Jan 26 - Data Assemblies

Wed, Jan 27 - LOL mtg. 7:30 am

Wed, Jan 27 - GT Testing in Lab

Thurs, Jan 28 - All Day ARDS


Robert Douglas - Jan 11

Van Hogle - Jan 11

Shannon Houston - Jan 14

Lupe Servin - Jan 14

Tammy McLain - Jan 15

Sarah Strittmatter - Jan 17

Samantha Perry - Jan 19

Jessica Dilley - Jan 22

Debbie Heath - Jan 25

Laurie Engelby - Jan 26


Thanks for a fabulous week!

  • The Christmas Party was amazing!
  • Snack week rocked!
  • Secret Santa was a blast!
  • Band, Choir and Basketball rocked it!!!
  • NJHS blessed us...
  • PTA loved on us!

This is the best place EVER!!! Merry Christmas, Warriors! Happy Holidays! May your New Year be filled with joy and perpetual Grace!

Thank you, Mary Barwinkel and Shelby Welborn, for covering my classes so I could make my DR. Appointments. ~~ Tom Lane

Thank you to everyone who shared their love and blessings with me! Your thoughtful gifts were much appreciated! Love, Shannon

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