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COVID Updates 2022/23

COVID Testing

  • BSD School Sites are no longer authorized to rapid test students at school.
  • BSD School Sites can provide take-home rapid tests for families without access to test kits if students are symptomatic or exposed to COVID.
  • Please contact the school office if you need a home testing kit following receipt of an exposure notice.

We ask all families to test students before school begins on August 25th.

Please drop by our Lincoln office if you need a home testing kit for your student(s):

  • Friday, August 19th 9a-2p
  • Monday, August 20th 9a-2p
  • Tuesday, August 21st 9a-2p


  • Lincoln is a mask-friendly campus; although, we do not require masks.
  • BSD & San Mateo County still strongly recommend masking indoors for students & staff.
  • BSD & San Mateo County especially encourage indoor masks for students exposed to COVID.


  • Families do not need to report or quarantine students after exposure to COVID.
  • BSD & San Mateo County encourage masking after exposure to COVID; however, BSD does not require masking.
  • Families should report positive cases of COVID to the principal if their student attended school while infectious.
  • Students who test positive for COVID must remain home for 5 days after testing positive. The positive test day counts as, "day zero."

Returning to School after Testing Positive:

  • Student(s) test negative for COVID after 5-day isolation

  • Students who continue to test positive beyond day 5 must stay home until they test negative.

  • Students testing positive with improved symptoms may return on day 11.

Stay Home if Sick:

Students only return to school 24hrs symptom-free after a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. This 24hr requirement applies whether or not the symptoms are COVID-related.

Example Timeline for Testing Positive

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Communication & Notices

School sites will send general exposure notices for COVID (similar to Strep Throat and other transmissible conditions) to students with a positive case(s) in their class. School sites will not send general school-wide exposure notices.

Physical Distancing

BSD & San Mateo County Health ended distancing requirements.

Students will continue to eat outside as much as is possible & will use the MPR should we experience a downpour.

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