Uncles Tom Cabin Web Experience

By: Bryan Lee and Joseph Matawaran

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“Legree threatening Tom” - Life Among the Lowly- Illustrations

This picture depicting Tom’s slaveowner threatening him depicts the harsh life of a slave.Constantly criticized and threatened for the work they do, slaves had little freedom and could be severely punished if they did not please their owners with good behavior and adequate amounts of work completed and had no protection under law to avoid being beaten or killed.

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"The Uncle Tommers' Christmas Dinner" - Uncle Tom’s Cabin Onstage

Based off of this illustration, slaves were invited to celebrate Christmas which supports the argument that not all white people despised slaves.
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Simon Simple at "Uncle Tom's Cabin"- Uncle Tom’s Cabin Onstage

Based on this popular cartoon in the New York Press, Simon (white character) and Mose (black character) work together as a duo in order to promote parades by “hiring” people to participate for free passes to the Uncle Tom’s Cabin Show.

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Children’s Books

In the children’s book version of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Eva makes a flower crown for Tom to wear. This is a representation that although there was a great mistreatment of blacks in the south, not all white people absolutely hated blacks in general.
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Hurst’s Edition Color Illustration

This colored picture of uncle tom’s cabin shows that though blacks were generally illiterate, there were some slaves who were literate and could actually teach others to read.

Bryan Lee Response

  1. Some more subtly portrayed ideas is that some slave owners actually were fond of their slaves even though they treated them poorly. This is evident because black slaves essentially did most of the work for their owners and the owners were reliant on their slaves to succeed on their plantations.

  2. The most surprising image that I saw was the image in which uncle tom has a book on his lap and eva is leaning on his leg. This image was intriguing because I remember that although it was illegal for blacks to be taught how to read, Tom was taught how to read and took the risk of being punished to teach eva how to read.

Joseph Matawaran Response

1) One subtle symbol that i noticed in these pictures is the involvement of books-signifying the value of education at the time. It can be observed that Tom read to Eva. And in the comic strip that Simon and Mose were involved in distributing pamphlets to persuade locals.

2) The most surprising thing about the images we base our thesis off of was that blacks and whites were not completely separate all the time. These pictures dispelled the fact that they despised each other all the time.