By: Hannah Kline

Background Information

The Capital

Santiago is the capital of Chile

3 major cities


Chile was controlled by Spain and gained independence on September 18, 1810.

Official Language

There official language is Spanish

Geographical Information

Where is Chile?

Chile is in South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean and between Argentina and Peru

Political Diplomacy

Type of government

Chile has a republic


Chile's leader is Michelle BACHELET Jeria

Is Chile on good terms with any countries?

Yes they are on good terms with the US, China, Argentina, Brazil, and Japan because they import and export there.

Economic and Trade Information


Chile's currency is the Chileanpeso

Economic system

The economic system is capitalism.


Chile imports petroleum, chemicals, electrical equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles and natural gas from the U.S., China, Argentina, Brazil.


Chile exports copper, fruit, fish products, paper and pulp, chemical, and wine to China, the U.S., Japan, South Korea, and Brazil.

Tourist Information

Why should people visit Chile?

They should visit Chile because it is one of the safest countries to visit and it has beautiful and diverse landscape.

What should tourists see and do in Chile