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"Oh! The Places We'll Go!"

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What's New?

Hi Parents,
We had a lot going on with 5 full days of school. I bet your children are tired and are glad for the weekend. Your children have been to all the special classes around the building and are getting used to their daily routine. We continued to discuss the importance of making mistakes and persevering through all subjects, especially math.

Read below to see what else we did this week.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Mirza


This week in Math, the students applied their knowledge about large numbers, place value, and estimation. They took their first test of the year on Thursday. The students worked hard to show their thinking then explained their thought process through writing. These went home today in their green "Friday Folder". Please review it with your child, sign and return it on Monday.
They also learned how to log onto the "Think Central" website. Here is where they can find a copy of the math book and workbook online. (No excuses for forgotten homework!) There are also short videos that apply to the concepts being learned. The log in and password for your child is written inside their assignment notebook.
Next week: Multiplication and Division

Writer's Workshop

The Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You, to inspire us to create a notebook, jot down ideas, and turn them into stories. They shared some "Unforgettable Moments" in their lives and brainstormed ideas for future pieces.

The students also started to learn about parts of speech, literary devices, grammar, types of sentences, etc. through Mentor Sentences. We will choose one sentence per week and examine it each day to discover

Reader's Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, the students learned about how to monitor their comprehension. We discussed ways that meaning breaks down and fix-up strategies to make us better readers. They also made a chart to compare fiction and nonfiction.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we started watching Liberty's Kids during our lunch time. So far we have seen the episodes, The Boston Tea Party, The Intolerable Acts, United We Stand, Patrick's Henry's "Liberty or Death" and Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. These videos tell the story of the Revolutionary War through the eyes of twelve year old children. (Attendance is optional.) The students gained background knowledge about the Revolutionary War by reading the Kids Discover magazine.

The students really got the meaning of "NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION" after they participated in the King's Skittles activity. Be sure to ask your child about it.

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Friday, September 19th
  • Greenbriar Spirit Lunch

  • Thursday, September 25th
  • NO SCHOOL (Rosh Hashanah)

Ask Your Child About.....

* Longfellow's poem about Paul Revere
* The "Quote of the Day"
* Music Class
* Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner
* Filling a bucket
* Test in P.E.
* Mentor Sentences
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Our class got to say the pledge.

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Dance Friday

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