CAFE Menu and Conferencing

Andrea Head- Presenter


Below you will find several resources for CAFE Menu and assessments.

How do we keep track of students goals?

Traditional way- Student write their names on post-it and put it on skill they are working on.

New Idea- Each student has their own CAFE menu and students highlight goals throughout the year. They can give themselves a sticker/stamp when goal has been achieved.

Students will draw pictures under each strategy as they are introduced to class.

Kindergarten 1st Grade

Interactive Menu

The Interactive Menu gives you lesson ideas, book suggestions, lesson video examples, parent pipelines, and many other resources for each strategy under the CAFE menu.

Closing the Gap between CAFE and Common Core

Article: This is an article from the Daily 5/Cafe website that talks about some of the gaps between Common Core and and CAFE menu.

Assessing the CAFE

Assessments for many of the CAFE menu strategy. These could be used for common assessments throughout the year. (note: These are just for the normal CAFE board)


Below you will find resources and ideas for conferencing.

What Strategy do You Teach First?

There is no perfect sequence to teach the strategies in the CAFE menu, but they suggest using this 6--5-4-3 sequence to start.

From Assessment to Conferring

Teaching reading is a process of observing a child, really watching and listening to what they are doing as a reader, reflecting and thinking about what the next step may be for them to support their growth, and then jumping into the teaching of that strategy. The power of frequently conferring with students is that we can readily and in a timely manner switch if a strategy does not seem to be helping.

From Assessment to Conferring Cheat Sheet

7 Steps From Assessment to Instruction

Touch Points Monitoring and Layering on New Strategies.


I will show you how I use the online CCPensive. This may not be your style, but just wanted to share in case you would like to see!