"Leave Slavery Alone and Unite"

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Personal Life

John Bell married Jane Erwin Bell in 1835, after his first spouses death in 1832. He graduated from Cumberland College, where he studied law.

Views On Slavery

Though John Bell owns slaves, he neither supports slavery, nor is against it. His main goal is to keep the states together and the Union intact in order to provide peace throughout America.


-Member of the House of Representatives

-Secretary of War

-Secretary of State

-Senator from Tennessee (currently)

Political Party

John Bell was born on February 15, 1797 in Nashville, TN. He has experience as a representative in the House, where he served as a democrat. He later broke away from it and became a Whig after White was defeated.


Edward Everett strongly supports John Bell's beliefs for the future of this country. President Franklin Pierce was also a strong supported of Bell because he did not support the Kansas-Nebraska Act.


James K. Polk replaced Bell as the Speaker of the House in 1835. Robert L. Caruthers succeeded Bell as a member of the House of Representatives after in 1835. After his short time as Secretary of War in 1841, John C. Spencer succeeded him. In 1859, Alfred O.P. Nicholson succeeded Bell as Senator of Tennessee.