The White Cedar Tree

By: Hannah Mailhos

Common Name: White Cedar

Growth Rate: 25-50 ft.

Climate it Grows Best in: In swampy areas and hillsides.

Lifespan: More than 800 years.

Describe the Leaves: They are scale like, the scales flatten into sprays, cone or cone-like, small cones, less than one inch-long.

Produce Flowers: They don't grow flowers.

Reproduction Method: Produces good seed crops every 3 to 5 years, seeds are usually dispensed within 50 yards of the mother tree.

What Organisms are Dependent on the Tree: Birds and squirrels for shelter.

Limiting Factors: Deforestation, or people looking for lumber.

What Parasites effect it? Termites.

What Abiotic Factors does it Need for Survival? Soil, the Sun, and Water.

Short and Long Term effects on the TMS Environment: It can provide oxygen, and food for the animals...I mean children. No, but really for the animals. It will also provide a good look for the school.