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January 2022

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News and Information

Happy New Year!! I hope that 2022 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

Delay, Cancellation, Arctic Academy??

  • The Remind app and School Messenger calls and texts will be used in the case of delays, cancellations, or Arctic Academy. In addition, you can find updates posted on the main county school website, announced on the radio, and posted to our school's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • If there is a 2-hour delay, all before school care programs are cancelled and our doors open at 10:30.
  • If school is cancelled due to the extreme cold, this will be called as an Arctic Academy day. Arctic Academy is a Monongalia County Schools program that allows school to re-imagine classroom time disrupted by inclement weather or unforeseen calamities preventing a traditional day of instruction. Arctic Academy days will be announced by School Messenger to both staff and students with instruction pertaining to the day.

    On these days, students will complete assignments designed by their educators. Arctic Academy counts as a day of instruction. Students who complete the assignments will be counted present for the day. Students have five (5) school days to turn the assignments in to their teacher.

    Teachers will be available to answer any questions students may have or provide needed support as students complete the assignments. Emailing, using Google Classroom, or calling the office are options to have questions answered.

  • If school is cancelled due to unsafe conditions, a traditional snow day will be called. In this case, students and staff remain safely at home. Students do not work on Arctic Academy assignments.


As temperatures continue to drop and the possibility of inclement weather increases, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the colder weather each day. Students need to be prepared to go outside for 30 minutes of recess each day. Students go out to recess as long as it is not raining and temperatures are not “frigid”. Coats, hats, and gloves are essential for recess. Please be sure your child is prepared for the elements. You may also want to consider labeling the inside of his/her clothing as many student items look similar. Encourage your children to visit the “Lost & Found” bin located in the cafeteria; there are SEVERAL items that have been “found” this school year.

Speaking of inclement weather, at the beginning of the school year, you were asked to complete a form letting your child's teacher know how you wanted your child to get home in the case of an unplanned early dismissal. Please reach out to your child's teacher if you are unsure of the directions you gave or if something has changed.

Mid-year assessments

Teachers will be taking some time this month to perform mid-year assessments. These more formal assessments are a nice addition to the ongoing observations and assessments teachers do every day. Using all this information, teachers are able to plan instruction that is based on what students need in order to continue progressing.

You can continue to support your child by reviewing the completed work that comes home, monitor their homework, encourage nightly reading, and practice math facts.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about how your child is performing, don't hesitate to contact his/her teacher.

Lunch Menu

What's for lunch? Take a look at January's lunch menu below.

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January- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Newsletter

News From the Classrooms


  • As we move into the cold weather please remember to dress warm and cozy. Please send in an extra pair of clothes to keep at school on case they are needed. Our preschoolers are doing a wonderful job learning how to zip their coats. Thanks for all of your hard work with practicing zipping! Our students continue to do a wonderful job with keeping their masks on.
  • We will begin talking about and winter and polar animals in the next month.


  • Kindergarten is sledding into more learning “snow” fast. January’s theme will focus on snow and snowmen through stories and other activities.

  • In reading, we will begin reading leveled books with sight words and CVC words. We will continue to practice reading left to right, pointing under each word, and identifying the author, illustrator, and title. In phonics, we will continue to blend and segment the sounds in simple words and produce rhymes. Students will learn more sight words and retell familiar stories.

  • In writing, kindergarten will print upper and lowercase letters and spell simple words how they sound.

  • In math, we will begin making 10 in a variety of ways, addition and subtraction within 10 including word problems, and continue our daily count to 100 by ones and tens.

  • To promote diversity in our classrooms, we will talk about how families can look different and explore different foods and activities families do all over the world.

First Grade

Check out what our 1st graders are up to this month here

Second Grade

Check out what our 2nd graders are up to this month here

Third Grade

Happy New Year!

  • Third graders will review classroom routines and procedures within the first week returning to school.
  • We will complete a spiral review of math skills that were taught during December.
  • Students will continue to learn multiplication and practice fact fluency. Your child will bring home multiplication fact flashcards. They can use these flashcards to practice at home!
  • In reading, students will explore the essential question "Why might some stories be told better as plays?" Through this unit, students will explore shades of meaning and multiple meaning words with their vocabulary words. By the end of the unit, students will strengthen summarizing, retelling, identify elements of drama, and discovering the theme or lesson of a story.
  • Check with your child's teacher for what's happening with science or social studies.
  • In writing, we will continue to work our grammar lessons, along with cursive writing. The students will begin the narrative essay unit in January.

Fourth Grade

Check out what our fourth graders are up to here.

Fifth Grade

We made it to Winter Break! These 5th graders have been working hard these past few weeks and their teachers are so proud, we can’t wait to keep the ball rolling after a much-deserved break!

Writing: Students did an excellent job researching and learning about formal letter writing and how to address an envelope these last few weeks! Students worked hard and wrote to a variety of historical societies and museums to gather information about Westward Expansion. In January, writing will tie in with each homeroom’s novel study.

Math: Multiplication was our skill of December. We practiced fact fluency and learned multiple strategies to help us multiply 2 digits by 1 digit, 2 digits by 2 digits, and 3 digits by 2 digits. We are looking to jump back in on some more multiplication work after break before moving into division.

Reading: January brings us Novel Studies! Each class will be reading a different novel and using this text to build reading skills like character analysis, comprehension, and vocabulary. We are so looking forward to kicking off 2022 with this!

As an additional reminder, please remember to refer back to the Outdoor Recess Attire information before sending your child to school for the day, especially as the temperatures really start to drop in the coming weeks.

Have a healthy and safe holiday season!

-5th Grade Teachers

Related Arts

In Related Arts, the children have been learning and participating in many things. The Caroling Club stroll through the building on the last day of school to share some joy. Looking ahead to 2022.... Fourth and Fifth graders will begin a ukulele unit while younger grades will focus on snow and dancing. In the Art room classes will begin working on some amazing winter projects. Chinese classes will be focusing on careers and cities. Library classes will be focusing on polar bears, choosing just right books, winter, state research and biographies. PE will continue to build healthy habits... remember those water bottles and gym shoes!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!