Environmental Sustainability

Michael Nehme


Environmental sustainability means making decisions that will reduce your negative impact on the environment.


With energy, you can be more sustainable by finding different and cleaner ways to produce energy. For example, more hydro electricity plants can be set up around communities. Also, we can find a way to safely use nuclear reactors in our community.
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Waste Management

Environmental sustainability can be seen in waste management by simply recycling more and using less items that are thrown away after using. This can be done by using reusable water bottles.
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We can reduce the amount of pollution we create by using cleaner energy and also by not driving our cars around as much. If we can limit the times we drive places to only the far, important drives (like driving to work), then we can reduce how much pollution we create.
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We can help make our community more biodiverse by causing less pollution and less deforestation. Many ecosystems are destroyed by the destruction of trees and construction of buildings. If we can leave these areas natural and untouched, then nature will be able to thrive.
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Resource Use

If we can find newer, cleaner, and renewable resources to use for energy and other things in our society, we will greatly decrease the pollution we put out. For example, driving electric or hybrid cars will decrease the emissions put out into the atmosphere.
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