Watt's Up

September 28, 2015

Action Plans

Last week during cluster, each of you started to develop an action plan to support your IGP goal.

  1. As a teaching team (each lab/session), do you know each other's IGP goal?
  2. Does your action plan include soliciting help and/or information from members of your teaching team?
  3. How can you support one another in accomplishing and measuring your goal?

Employability Assessments & Progress Reports

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 3:30pm

801 West Wilkinson Street

Goshen, IN

Please provide Lupe with a copy of the Employability Assessment for each student. She will scan them and return them to you for your hanging folders.

POPTASTIC Credit Push!

Earning a credit between Thursday, October 1st and Friday, October 16th will be POPTASTIC! Students will be awarded with popcorn and a movie.

Please send them up to see me!

Crown Counseling

Carmen will be out of the office this week. It seems as if she got married this weekend!


Accuplacer News

The window for Accuplacer opens on October 5th. This week, we will work with our sending schools to identify students who are required to participate.
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Immunozation Reminder

Please remind ALL seniors that they are required to receive a booster shot for Meningitis. Concord is the only school that has begun to exclude students for non-compliance. The other schools will begin excluding students in the near future.

New Advisory Board

I have been working with Ellona Yoder, from the Career Analysis Organization to organize an Advisory Committee for College and Career Readiness. The committee consists of local business leaders and four Merit students (Jacob Thomas, David Stanley, Bailey Fiandt, and Taylor Gangwor). The committee will meet for the first time on Tuesday, September 29th from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.