American Revolution

Marielle Medina

Role of Women

Women were sometimes nurses who followed the army looking for food and protection because they were couldn't support themselves after the men left for war.

Some women disguised themselves as men and served as soldiers. Most women who served were unmarried, young, and poor who needed the money for their family.

However, most women were cooks, maids, laundresses, water bearers, and seamstresses for the army.

Art from the revolution

Art in the American revolution was incredibly important. Pieces like "The Bloody Massacre" helped persuade people who were neutral about the war to join the patriots, and vice versa.

clothing of the revolution

Clothing of the revolution was completely different from clothing worn today. Men's clothing was incredibly tailored and fit to the wearer's body. Most of the pieces worn were the same color, and have the same fabric.

effects of the revolution

The effects of the revolution brought the desired end result, as the Americans were granted freedom from Britain. The British gave America all of the land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River, from Canada to the north and Florida to the south.The United States was now able to trade freely with other countries of the world.

france & its role

France didn't have a role in the American revolution until after the Battle of Saratoga. When France did enter the war, they helped fund munitions, soldiers, and naval forces.