iOS Apps for Mobile Learning

Module 9: Exploration of Mobile Learning

Play123 For iPhone

PLAY123 can be found in"Fun Learning" for children in iTunes, and is great for younger children in the elementary division. This learning application allows children to experiment and learn by using various functions to learn about numbers, shapes, and colours. Kids can experiment using their sight, touch, and hearing to aid them in this creative discovery of learning.

How can it be used? This learning application is recommended for the elementary division as it is a tool for beginners on shapes, colours, and numbers. This app is safe for parents to trust, and fun for the children in their spare time. The app allows children to continuously learn previous taught concepts from the classroom, and outside of the classroom.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is great for all grade levels and for any subject. This app allows students to watch videos that are tutorials in their struggling subject. Khan Academy includes over 4,200 videos with a speaker guiding you through each concept.

How can it be used? Khan Academy acts as a "take-home-teacher" and helps students prepare for upcoming exams or lectures by reviewing any concepts that were not understood. These videos can be downloaded and created into a playlist and are free of charge. Using these videos as a resource of studying and reviewing is great for students to further their knowledge and discover new tips for calculations and memorization skills, allowing students to explore new concepts and ideas.


Evernote is a great app that is used for organization and productivity for anyone from K-12. It allows you to create notes, take pictures, and become a hand held agenda for events and deadlines.

How can it be used? Evernote can be used in many different ways for students of all ages. Since it acts as an agenda and notebook, students can use it to write down reminders as well as take notes during class lectures and take pictures of pictures or slides that the teachers do not hand out. This allows for easy reviewing from class lectures, ensuring productivity in studies as well as keeping students organized. Dictionary & Thesaurus

This dictionary application is great for students of all ages. I have personally found it very useful on my phone when I have come in contact with words that I do not understand in readings for class. It is the perfect pocket sized dictionary that can help with all your dictionary needs.

How can it be used? app acts as a hand held dictionary that allows students to search up unknown words or to find synonyms for writings. This tool is great for students to learn new words and understand the meaning behind an unknown word in their english studies. This app is especially useful for not only students new to english, but anyone.

Biology: Plant Handbook

The Biology: Plant Handbook is the perfect application for the secondary division students learning about plants and their cycles in the classroom. It acts as a handheld textbook that provides easy to read notes and reviewing questions with answers and diagrams.

How can it be used? Biology: Plant Handbook can be used for both teachers as students as it teaches every possible concept to do with leaf, flower, and fruit morphology and colourful labelled diagrams of the plants studied in class. This tool acts as a review app for future exams and quizzes, as well as background research and knowledge for assignments.