Professional Basketball Player

The Next Michael Jordan

Job Description

This career requires a lot of natural talent and practice. It involves plenty of vigorous activity and working out to keep your body in top shape. There are so many things that basketball players must do to be ready for every game, like eating healthy and practicing every day.

Entry Wage

Lamar Patterson of the Atlanta Hawks had the lowest salary in the league last year with earnings of $525,093.

Some Top Players Of The League

Degree Needed

No degree is required to play professional basketball, but only the most talented players from the top college teams are drafted to the NBA. Any player can be drafted from any college team, but the less skilled your team is the more you have to stand out on your own.

Estimated Annual Job Openings

There are 30 teams in the NBA, and each team has a roster of 15 players (only 13 are allowed to dress to play on the bench). People in the NBA retire and age out of their prime every year, so each team must always be on the look for new, young players.

Does PSTCC offer the degree needed?

No degree is needed to play basketball professionally, only experience is needed to be drafted to an NBA team. PSCC also does not offer a pathway to this career due to there being no basketball team for PSCC.
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