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When I worked for M-A-C cosmetics, I was one of only two people that were qualified and trained to give make-up lessons to our clientele. This experience was (and is) very rewarding for both of us, because I get to teach you amazing tricks and tips - and you take away a full range of make-up armoury that you then can use in your every day life.

I've heard so many things from my clients that I'm now taking as hints;

'I wish I could do this, but I never have the time'

'I don't even know if i'm using the right products'

'I'm going to a wedding abroad next year and wish I could do my make-up like you do it'

'I don't know anything about my skin, and I can't even do my foundation properly'

THE LIST GOES ON! Finally, I'm ready to share my lesson structure with you all that I've been developing over the last 24 months of freelancing.

Pick any 3 modules (e.g.; Face 1, Eyes 3 etc....) and we will spend 90 minutes perfecting and personalising your make-up lesson.



As well as one-on-one private lessons, I also offer a group service. This could be for a hen party, a birthday or just a present to yourselves. I dictate the lesson, and you do make-up on each other or yourselves. I can also bring a model wth me, so that you can see my work first hand. I also run a competition, and you all receive a goody bag with product samples and a face chart of the look we achieved so that you'll never forget what you've learnt.

All of my lessons have structure and are extremely fun and enjoyable for all.

Individual Lessons: £100

Group Lessons: £50 (per person, 5 minimum)

These prices include travel to London zones 1-4.

What's new with me?

So many fantastic things. I am getting very busy with bridal, and am embarking on building my portfolio for agency submission. My diary is getting full and I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of beauty. Keeping my kit fully stocked with the best products and having the best clients (you) always makes it easier.

Get in touch with me to book.

I'm on instagram too! @erinfullermakeup