Mercy Peek & Ponder

Faculty/Staff Edition Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Reflection: Fourth Week of Advent

Advent reminds us that the great hope for which we all long is built upon the foundation of little, simple, ordinary things: kindness, graciousness, welcome, patience, honesty, hospitality, and compassion. Mary shows us that even the most singular demonstrations of God's love for us, first and foremost, challenge us to recognize the opportunities already present in our ordinary lives to devote our energies in promoting the welfare of one another.

Like Mary, may we come to see that our willingness to do little things for one another with great love and enthusiasm - to display "loving courtesy" - is the first step in our ultimate vocation: to give birth to the Great Promise of God's love for all people - Jesus Christ.


Go Noodle is a website that helps students channel their physical and emotional energy for good. Think of it as a Brain Break for your students and as we know encouraging students to relax and become "mindful" has a dramatic positive impact on their education. Please sign up (for free) at and get acquainted with the site. I want this to be a part of the program at OLM - starting in January 2016. What that means is finding time during the day - first thing in the morning - beginning of a class - right before recess - right after lunch - and my favorite - the 6th Period Stretch., etc. (about three times total) So many of our students need this program and it literally takes mere minutes. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this most important program.

Annual Catechist Convention - 03/05/2016

Please complete your registration form for the Catechist Convocation and return to Linda Tonelli by 12/18.

This event is your yearly update for those with certification (if needed) and counts for one elective for those where religion certification remains a goal. Religion certification is mandated by year seven of teaching in an Archdiocesan school.